Changing the Face of Documentation in the Built Environment

The new Leica RCD30 camera is presently the only one in the market which is able to collect 80 MP RGBN multispectral imagery perfectly co-registered.

Changing the Face of Documentation in the Built Environment

In recent years, technology has influenced the way we design, manage and document the built environment. The introduction of sophisticated 3D modelling and BIM has opened the eyes of designers and constructors alike to the opportunities that technology can offer, improving productivity, increasing accuracy and reducing costs. The move from 2D to 3D has helped the industry to become more profitable, productive and better organised.

3D Reality Capture delivers understanding

3D Reality Capture is the latest technology improving understanding and documentation of the built environment. Using ultra-accurate laser scanning combined with high-definition imagery, whole environments are captured quickly and in detail to create a digital 3D environment that can be explored, measured and annotated, for a fuller understanding of the building.

Enhanced productivity and workflow with automated software tools

Smaller, more powerful and faster laser scanners and software can now be used by novice users to capture and record projects. For example, Building Information Modelling (BIM) managers can quickly capture construction stages at the touch of a button, allowing comparison to design-intent for quality assurance. Mechanical & Electrician consultants, too, can record the positioning of pipework and electrical systems prior to being clad for future maintenance and adaption.

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