Leica iCON iCT30 – Layout Tool for Construction

Automated layout for increased productivity.

MEP/HVAC installer marking layout points in the ceiling while the iCON iCT30 layout tool automatically turns and highlights the point position with the laser beam.

Increased complexity in construction projects and the strong trend towards digitalisation and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Building Construction industry make digital layout methods and processes crucial. Facilitating the move from conventional analogue measurement methods to modern digital layout techniques, Leica Geosystems developed the easy-to-use construction layout tool Leica iCON iCT30 to bring digital and automated layout technology to any construction site.

The iCON iCT30 allows users to:
  • Move away from conventional analogue layout methods and easily adopt modern digital layout
  • Increase productivity due to one-person operation of the iCON iCT30
  • Layout lines for various foundation, structure and building exterior applications
  • Layout interior drywall and insulation installations
  • MEP layout of hanger locations for HVAC and duct work, inserts and slits for sheet metal work
  • Fully automatic layout routines of points on floor or ceiling and lines for pipe wall penetrations

With a measurement range of up to 80 m and an angular accuracy of 9”, the iCT30 meets most requirements for layout applications. Forget about interruptions of line of sight or congestions that slow down the layout process. The iCT30 is specifically developed to robustly deal with difficult site conditions.

The iCON iCT30 - digital layout


Leica iCON build field software has been designed specifically for use in the building construction industry. The software offers a streamlined use of fully rendered models in IFC format, allowing the operator to work with the model directly and easily in the field. This motorised layout tool makes tackling complex layouts such as HVAC and MEP installations easy.

Maximum uptime

Layout and measure more points per day. The iCT30 features the best prism lock for construction layout tools to protect against interferences from foreign reflections. When sight to the prism is lost, AutoSearch automatically searches and finds prism, eliminating time spend on manual search initiation. The integrated telescope simplifies and thus speeds up reflectorless layout tasks and the aiming to certain spots.

One-person Operation

With the robotic construction layout tool iCT30, only one person is required to fulfil the layout tasks. Easy-to-use hardware and software enables the whole workforce on your site to layout, no matter their experience level.

Leica iCON iCT30 features

  • 4-button keyboard for simple operation
  • Prism search by AutoSearch
  • Most stable lock on prism for construction layout tool
  • Tailored iCON build software with streamlined use of fully rendered models in IFC format
  • Telescope for simpler aiming

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Leica iCON iCT30 data sheet

iCT30 data sheet with technical specification.
iCT30 data sheet with technical specification.

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Brochure with all iCON solutions for building construction.

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