New FlexLine Tunnel App simplifies tunnel surveys


Tunnel App now available for FlexLine manual total station series.

With a wide range of functions that cover design, execution process, and compute cut and fill areas, the new Tunnel App on Leica Flexline manual total stations enables you to have full control in tunnels, caverns and infrastructure galleries. Covering a wide range of applications, the app can be used to:

  • Check cut and fill after tunnel blasting
  • Measure profiles after tunnel is finished
  • Stake out cut outline of the tunnel
  • And more

The new Tunnel App is available with the Leica FlexField software version 6.0 for the Leica TS06plus/TS09plus and for the Leica FlexLine TS03 and TS07manual total stations.


With onboard software and tunnel office platform, this app is an all-in-one bundle making tunnel surveying much more efficient. Save time with the tunnel app due to minimal training and increase your productivity through clear user interface graphics and easy-to-use workflows.

The app was tested by Bruno Mathias of Consórcio Linha 4 Sul in Rio de Janeiro. With a new subway line connecting Ipanema to Barra da Tijuca districts, tunnel construction is underway. The new Line 4 (Barra da Tijuca – Ipanema) of the Rio de Janeiro subway system will transport more than 300,000 people per day, taking around 2,000 vehicles per hour off the street during rush hour. With the new line, the passengers can reach the entire subway network of the city with only one ticket.


At approximately 16 km length, the new line will go into operation in August 2016, making it possible to go from Barra to Ipanema in 13 minutes and the Barra to the downtown in 34 minutes. The tunnel, which the new app was used on, was in a section into the Gavea Station.


“Through the new Tunnel App features, we would have optimised our processes by loading, staking and checking the tunnel design directly in the field via the instrument’s interface. We would have time savings around 30 per cent, costs savings and major improvements on quality assurance and quality control,” said Mathias. “The Tunnel Office software provides a complete management of the data and the results collected on the field, all with friendly user interface. It is a solution suitable for our FlexLine user base, bringing great features before a natural evolution to our Viva and Nova product line with Captivate software onboard.”

Download our Leica FlexLine TS03/TS07 data sheet for further information on the mentioned total stations.

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