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Aibot X6

Highest precision defines your success

Striving towards highest precision, Aibotix have announced a range of new solutions that simplify your daily UAV use. With the latest range of standard sensors, the new Ai DVLP live data analysis system, the AiProFlight flight planning software and Firmware 2.4 sensor control software you can reach the best possible results. Our engineers and experts work towards functionality, reliability, quality and service.

All new standard sensors are fully integrated. This will save you time and money. Instead of configuring every sensor on your own, start your business with the UAV Aibot X6 Version 2 and the standard sensors now.

Check out the standard sensor range.

Receiving live images in HD quality

The Aibotix Ai DLVP allows live analysis of sensor data and is designed for professional tasks in the field of industrial inspection and monitoring. Use the real-time transmission of high resolution images to generate accurate project data.

The Ai DLVP covers all current HD video formats, which makes it ideal for Sony standard sensors as well as the Workswell WIRIS 640. The latency is less than 1 ms, to keep track of all images without any delay. Images are visualised on a 10 inch high-definition screen. The system is powered by a Leica GEB242 Li-Ion battery with up to four hours of running time. Aibotix guarantees stable images up to 1,000 m distance.

The Air Unit sends the data to up to four ground stations simultaneously. Thereby the data can be sent to both the pilots, as well as to a central control room.

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Aibot X6        Aibot X6

The Shift to Digital Construction

To learn more about digital construction and the role of BIM, download the e-book.

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