Leica Captivate Inspect Road Surface and Tunnel Alignment

A few weeks ago, Leica Captivate v2 was released – included in this release was additional functionality for the Inspect Surface app – it is now possible to inspect road surfaces and tunnels.

Alastair Green, onboard software business director at Leica Geosystems, will explain more about the app in this blog post. there is also a link included to video highlighting the new functionality...

Alastair, can you please briefly explain the new functionality?

Of course. First let me remind readers we already released the Inspect Surface app with Leica Captivate v1.30 in December 2015. Have a look at this video to remind yourself how this app allowed simple surfaces, such as horizontal floors, vertical walls and cylinders to be inspected – by inspected I mean to compare the reality with design

For example, in the image below the blue areas indicate where the floor is lower than it should be and the red area is where it is higher than it should be. The user has clicked in the red zone, and the numbers on the left show that this area is higher than it should be by 4.3 mm.

Leica Captivate
A heat map of the surface.

The new functionality is that it is now possible to also inspect road surfaces and tunnel alignments in a similar way– watch this video to learn more about this.

What does that really mean – it is now possible to also inspect road surfaces and tunnel alignments?

Well imagine you need to check a road surface which has just been laid. You suspect the road surface is not per design, or maybe you suspect there are high spots, or even worse, low areas where water may collect.

Leica Captivate
A road design against reality.

You can now measure the as-built road surface and compare it the original road design – in the field you can see all the out of tolerance areas. And if needed, create a comprehensive report of the surface – all very useful to check the finished level of the various layers of the road or assess where repairs need to be made.

Or if you are working in tunnel you can measure the excavation so far – and immediately view the areas where extra rock needs breaking out, or where more tunnel lining needs applying.

>Leica Captivate
Displaying a tunnel design against reality.

Imagine how much time and money this can save!

Leica Captivate
The instrument pointing to the area needing work.

OK – but how can the user indicate to the foreman the areas that need work?

Easy! From the pop-up menu, select the Turn to point and the instrument will turn to the selected point – the red laser device shows exactly where it is necessary to make changes.

What instrument can use this app?

This app can be used on the Leica CS20 controller, CS35 tablet, TS16 and TS60 robotic total stations and MultiStation MS60.

If the CS20 or CS35 is used, it can be used with any total station or GNSS which can be connected to either device.

So this application is not just for MultiStations?

No, all total stations and even GNSS receivers can use this app – simply measure the point in the usual way and compare the measured points with a design surface.

How can I learn more about this app?

The best way to learn more is to look at the videos which are linked in this blog, or on the Leica Geosystems YouTube channel.

There are two videos covering several use cases for the Inspect Surface app but I’m sure our customers can think of many more!

Thanks Alastair
No problem. My pleasure

Leica Captivate

Alastair Green
Business Director, Onboard Field Surveying Software

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