HDS licensing and Cyclone Help and Preferences

HDS Licensing

A set of three videos has just been released, focusing on the installation, setup and usage of Leica Cyclone and CloudWorx floating licenses.

In addition, there is a general tutorial focusing on the Cyclone Help & Preferences section.

Marion Jones, support manager for Leica Geosystems HDS in EMEA, explains why they were created.

Marion, can you tell us why you saw a need to produce videos on the licensing used for HDS software?

In earlier HDS "How-to" videos, we concentrated on Cyclone workflows. In this section, we wanted to cover licensing, as this is an integral part of the software, which every user comes into contact with at some point in time.

All HDS PC software uses floating license technology, which offers highest flexibility. It allows easy sharing of licenses within an office environment, over the internet and even taking them offline into the field.

Detailed instruction sets are included with the respective installer. But more and more clients are asking for video tutorials. They find them easier to follow, especially when getting started. And seemingly complex scenarios can be explained easier using images in a video. Images quickly help people understand the concept as well as the finer details.

These tutorials were created by my team based on the experiences we gained through our support duties. They are designed to help the new user who wants to set-up and install his licenses for the first time. And at the same time, any other existing user, who might be in need of changing his server, or just wants to review how the process works for checking out a Cyclone licenses or taking his CloudWorx licenses into the field.

Please have a look at all three video below....

And what about the video on Cyclone Help & Preferences?

Leica Cyclone is our powerful point cloud processing software. We wanted to make people aware of the extensive and detailed Online Help function Cyclone offers, as a lot of questions might be explained by reviewing the information provided here.

The second part of the video concentrates on the Cyclone User Preferences. The interface of the settings influences a lot of functions and in the end also influences how the software looks or processes point cloud data. That’s why we believe every user should be aware of these settings and how to manage them.

See the Help & Preferences video below

For more information on Leica Geosystems laser scanners, please follow this link

Thank you Marion!

MArion Jones

Marion Jones, support manager for Leica Geosystems HDS in EMEA

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