The BLK360 worth a thousand words

When on November 16th Leica Geosystems announced the BLK360, a revolutionary miniaturized black 3D imaging laser scanner, people were awestruck.

Leica Geosystems in collaboration with Autodesk have come together to shape the future of reality capture. Shaping reality capture represents combining the state-of-the-art technology with a first-class design to democratise 3D laser scanning for everyone in the architecture, engineering and construction market. In other words, the Leica BLK360, together with Autodesk's ReCap 360 Pro, allows everyone to incorporate high resolution 360° imagery and 3D laser scan data in their daily work.

"The lines are being blurred between design and construction. Information from the field is being brought to the office faster and faster. That is allowing construction professionals to identify problems before they become real problems. The net result is to save billions annually on unnecessary project costs," said Aaron C. Morris, senior manager, Autodesk Reality Solutions. "At the heart of all this is reality capture."


Some of the features that define the BLK360 as new category on its own are:

  • Portable - with 1 kilogram, the BLK360 is the smallest and lightest of its kind
  • 60 meter measurement range
  • A complete full-dome 360 degrees laser scan and 3D panoramic image capture with WiFi transfer to the iPad Pro in only 3 minutes
  • Full-colour panoramic images overlaid on a high accuracy point cloud
  • Simple user experience - anyone who can operate an iPad can now capture the world around them with high resolution 3D panoramic images
  • Streams image and point cloud data to iPad with the ReCap Pro 360 mobile app

With all these features the Leica BLK360 defines a new category: the imaging laser scanner

Since the announcement of the BLK 360, social media has been full of ovation. "Game changer", "disruptive", "speechless", "tiny", and "simplified workflow" were some of the words used to describe the compact and easy-to-use 3D imaging laser scanner.


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