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High quality reality capture deliverables begin with high quality 3D scan data. With Leica Geosystems range of software, directly connect your sensor, to Cyclone FIELD 360 to capture the right data the first time, register data directly on site, perform QA, and even prepare floor plans from the field.

Cyclone FIELD 360

Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 is a mobile-device app that supports users in collecting the highest-quality reality capture data possible, starting the point cloud registration process and enabling immediate deliverable creation. Connect your Leica sensors to get an instant preview of the point cloud data as it is captured and pre-align scans in the field to save time in the office. Record essential information like site videos and photos and tag them to points in the scene, and QA the data capture process by checking alignment and overlap. Further optimise your time in the field by rapidly creating room plans with the Quick Plan tool.

BLK Data Manager

The BLK Data Manager is a simple, free utility that allows users to download raw BLK scans for archiving and uploading. These files can be imported into Cyclone REGISTER family products to continue data processing immediately or in the future. BLK Data Manager files retain any in-field transformations, GeoTags and Quick Plans made using Cyclone FIELD 360.

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