Leica iCON pave

Leica iCON machine control system for 3D concrete paving

Leica iCON pave

Leica iCON pave supports your business with 3D paving solutions from airport paving to tunnel work, curb and gutter jobs or new highway projects. With decades of experience in 3D paving solutions, Leica Geosystems has proven expertise in hundreds of installed and active systems throughout the world and numerous approved interfaces with all main OEMs. Get your paving jobs done faster, more efficiently and right the first time with the concrete paving solution of Leica iCON machine control solution.


  • Simplified data transfer within the same platform as all other iCON machine control solutions
  • Intelligent hardware combination of panel and in-cabin mounted cradle storing machine specific data
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Cost and time savings with easy installation and quick setup
  • Smooth workflows due to complete Leica iCON product portfolio for any construction site application


  • Four machine profiles for concrete paving available
  • Consistent and highly accurate pave quality as the third generation of iCON stringless paving solutions
  • Easy adaption to any job site conditions with several sensor combinations
  • Continuous paving operation with auto leapfrogging of TPS
  • Reduced cabling and costs with the new multipoint radio
  • Supported by Leica ConX for track, view and synchronisation

3D machine control solutions
Leica Geosystems offers 3D machine control solutions for any heavy construction application on your construction site. Replace stringlines with premium total stations and GNSS sensors tracking machines' positions and elevations. Realise more precise paving results, time and cost savings, and increased safety on the job site.

Leica iCON pave for concrete paving supports all applications, such as slipform paving, curb and gutter, trimmer, and placer spreader. Designed in cooperation with the main OEMs, Leica Geosystems ensures that the 3D paving solution meets your requirements.


  • Upload stringline road models via Leica ConX
  • Select a reference and slope lines on display
  • Customize run screen
  • Activate Multipoint Radio
  • Set up total stations (Auto Leapfrog)


  • Monitor material flow while in auto run mode
  • Use quick assess keys to off set/tune set safety features for job adaptions


  • Log as-builds
  • Monitor progress in ConX

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Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información sobre nuestras soluciones de control de maquinaria.