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Opening new opportunities with laser calibration certificates


Construction sites are harsh environments and put incredible strain on lasers. To ensure the most accurate results and to avoid costly mistakes, these tools need periodic care and calibration, but that can be a strenuous effort resulting in downtime and lost business.

Another important reason to calibrate lasers regularly is known to all contactors who apply for construction tenders or are becoming ISO 9001 certified. A proof of equipment’s accuracy with reference to the international standards is often a must requirement in both processes.

Your local Leica Geosystems representatives now offer quick and reliable calibrations with the Leica CalMaster.

Key Benefits

  • Have all your rotating, grade, pipe, line and point lasers professionally checked, calibrated and certified for maximum accuracy at your local Leica representative
  • Avoid costly mistakes by having your lasers periodically checked and calibrated
  • Work with peace of mind that your lasers are calibrated to the highest accuracy standards
  • As the industry’s only calibration system issuing ISO certifications, you can trust that your Leica Geosystems rotating laser will perform with complete accuracy
  • Solidify your professional reputation
  • Maximize your chances of winning construction tenders with calibration certificates and thus, growing your business
  • Reduce your downtime and be back to work faster than ever

Leica calibration certificates - Quality you can trust

The overall demand for calibration certificates confirming measurement quality of new or used laser equipment is increasing. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more contractors are becoming ISO 9001 certified and therefore need to periodically confirm the accuracy of their equipment.

Equipment calibration according to procedures described in ISO standards is becoming increasingly important in tender processes and a guarantee of high quality service.

Over the years, Leica Geosystems has built expertise in calibration of measuring instruments and established Accredited Calibration Laboratories for distances and angles in Switzerland. The Leica CalMaster has been developed to enable Leica partners to offer the most professional calibration services for lasers and thus, give laser owners peace of mind that they work reliably and accurately.

What can an ISO certificate do for you

As the industry’s only calibration system issuing ISO certifications for rotating lasers, you can trust that your Leica Geosystems laser will perform with complete accuracy. Win more bids with this value-added service and strengthen your professional reputation. Highest accuracy standard on Leica Geosystems rotating lasers opens up new opportunities making them your new business partner.

"ISO 17123-6:2012 specifies field procedures to be adopted when determining and evaluating the precision (repeatability) of rotating lasers and their ancillary equipment when used in building and surveying measurements for levelling tasks. Primarily, these tests are intended to be field verifications of the suitability of a particular instrument for the immediate task at hand and to satisfy the requirements of other standards.

ISO 17123-6:2012 differentiates between different measures of accuracy and objectives in testing, like repeatability and reproducibility (between-day repeatability), and gives a thorough assessment of all possible error sources." (www.iso.org)

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