SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems: Intelligent Rail 3D Processing

Complete railway batch as-built geometry and feature extraction

SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems - Mobile Sensor Platforms - Software

SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems enables a complete extraction of the as-built railway network with engineering accuracy. By analysing the as-built infrastructure of the rail network, increased safety through train control and cost effective engineering is achieved. With best-in-class batch processing and network extraction, SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems is ideal for monitoring and maintenance ofprivate or public rail networks.

Features include:
  • Import of scan data format from all scanning systems, and LAS/ASCII/PTS/DXF files
  • Import of Control points as geometrical objects
  • Creating of sections planes / single cross / longitudinal section profiles
  • Create /modify of geometry objects from the point cloud
  • 3D measurement in the point cloud including to the rail center line
  • Export of Tif, DXF, export of the geometry objects as DXF file, ascii file, Export in 3DS and DGN format and user customized formats
  • Batch dynamic collision detection and analysis  based on the as-built axis or designed track
  • Batch process for the creation of section profiles along the centerline followed by vectorization and export into DXF format
  • Batch extraction of the as-built rail geometry with accurance and reliability values (left/right rail and center line)
  • Batch processes for detection, vectorisation and export of the catenary wires
  • Comparison between designed and as-built followed by export in a predefined format (ASCII, DXF, DGN, PDF or any other user defined format)
  • Measurement of the minimal, horizontal, vertical and radial distances between predefined clearance gauge profile and the tunnel structure
  • Coversion of the tunnel body into a 2D and comparison between designed and as-built
  • DTM calculations for volume monitoring and detection of the ballast assessments.
  • Export the sleepers along the as-built rail geometry as separate point cloud
  • Export of the deviations of the sleepers surface form the best fitting plane
  • Creating of ortho images and ortho view images of the point cloud
  • Correction and recovery of already synchronized point clouds with defined preconditions.
  • Epoch wise deformation analyses of structural objects (tunnels, bridges) measured with kinematic or static laser scanning system
  • Crack detection algorithm with simultaneously calculation of cracks length and width

Case Studies

Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.
Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.

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