Scan till you drop

Chapter 3: Lessons learned from HxGN live

Scan till you drop

Lessons learned from HxGN live

With attending HxGN LIVE 2014 in Las Vegas only a few months before the start of the project, Project Surveyors found the shopping centre project a valuable opportunity to put some of the lessons it learned at the international conference and exhibition to practice. Using these new ideas, the firm realised an approximate time savings of 75 percent.

Using scan-to-scan registration and auto alignment, the firm decreased its dependence on targets for every scan. The surveyors also used a lower resolution, kept the scanner operating between setups, and created a wheeled-transport tripod to relocate the scanner faster.

“Whereas before we were only able to collect about 16 scans per day, using what we learned from HxGN LIVE, we can now collect anywhere between 60 to 80 scans per day,” said Jackson. “We are also registering about 30 scans per hour, twice as much as before. This translates into significant efficiency gains, and therefore cost savings, for us.”

Returning to HxGN LIVE 2015 in Las Vegas, the project took top honors in the annual Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying (HDS) Plan Contest. A panel of 11 qualified judges evaluated 24 entries based on the completeness and usefulness of the plans, the creative use of point clouds and models, and overall appearance. Project Surveyors took first place with the project in the Buildings/Heritage category.

“Our team has worked hard, and we are always looking for innovative ways to improve our business,” said Jackson. “Winning this award confirms our commitment to the profession and our dedication to the clients.”

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