Turning data into knowledge with Jigsaw

Chapter 2: Customised data for better decision making

Turning data in knowledge with Jigsaw

Customised data for better decision making

Evaluating operations’ performance and accounting for results depend on having data and information outside the FMS. Every mine must answer to many levels of data consumer and information user. From banking to manufacturing, every industry offers BI solutions, as well as productised solutions from basic reporting to data warehousing within multiple operations up to enterprise resource planning.

Jview takes frameworks and portions of these components, scales the data, and focuses the content. Information delivery is tailored to many levels of user and data consumer, from mine fleet dispatchers up to managers and analysts. The standard report suite combines dashboards for near real-time information, static reports for common daily and operational reports, dynamic reports for common longer term analysis, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database cubes for ad-hoc reporting and in-depth analysis. Standard functionality is available out of the box. The platform is extensible and content is easily expanded and modified so you can own and interact with the data.

A mine administrator must provide specific reports to a manager upon request. The manager might not always know exactly what he wants to see and the administrator must explain what type of data is captured in the system, as well as the information it could provide. Using content like OLAP databases, ad-hoc reporting can be expanded and data explored. You can be shown how to slice and dice the data to investigate what you’re searching for by leveraging the data model and tools with no specific coding or query skills necessary. Often the most difficult part of information discovery is the business rules and requirements to solve problems, as well as time lost to access and analyse data.

“Jview made it easy to draft a report, show the manager, get feedback and then redesign the report to come up with the customised information requested,” said Boak. “We used these systems in a lot of areas. One project was looking at visualising the information. A table of data is one thing and we needed different perspectives. Putting it into a visual context and then manipulating the scenario, we could see how the data relates and gives a lot of benefit, a lot faster.”

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Story: Turning data into knowledge with Jigsaw
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Chapter 2: Customised data for better decision making
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Download your own "Reporter 75" as a PDF file.

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