Meet our experts at Intergeo in Berlin


We are happy to report that several interesting presentations will be held by Leica Geosystems experts at the upcoming Intergeo, which will take place in Berlin on October 7 - 9.

If you are attending Intergeo, make sure to visit the Leica Geosystems booth, which we are sharing with our partner brands AHAB Airborne Hydrography, Aibotix, tridicon and ZI Imaging, and remember to have a look at our speaker schedule. In particular, you might enjoy listening to the Intergeo Congress on Wednesday, October 8, when our President and CEO Dr. Jürgen Dold, Prof. Georg Gartner from TU Vienna, Eric Arvesen from Trimble Navigation and Jürgen Schomakers (Esri Deutschland GmbH) host the plenary discussion “Mobile Future Now!” on the direction mobile solutions and services are heading and what lies in store.

Tuesday, October 7:

11:30 Trend- und Medienforum: Leica VIVA GNSS verschiebt Grenzen, Bernhard Richter, Leica Geosystems

15:15 Trend- und Medienforum: Leica DISTO D810 touch product presentation for the Wichmann Innovations Award 2014, Rainer Skamiera, Leica Geosystems

15:30 Intergeo Congress: Aibot X6 - Integrated UAV workflows for industrial and mapping applications, Jörg Lamprecht, Aibotix

16:30 Trend- und Medienforum: Aibot X6 product presentation for the Wichmann Innovations Award 2014, Jörg Lamprecht, Aibotix

Wednesday, October 8:

12:30 Trend- und Medienforum: The Job Shaker, Andrea Brantl (HR), Leica Geosystems

14:00 Intergeo Congress: Mobile Future Now! Plenary Talk with Dr. Jürgen Dold, CEO Leica Geosystems

16:30 Intergeo Congress: Automatische Generation von 3D-Stadtmodellen und lokale Updates in LOD3, Rüdiger Wagner, Leica Geosystems

Thursday, October 9:

11:30 Trend- und Medienforum: Trends in the UAV sector, Jörg Lamprecht, Aibotix

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