4 how-to videos to easily get started with the Leica ScanStation P40

We have just released 4 new training videos for the Leica ScanStation P40. We catch up with Peter Glueck, Leica Geosystems High Definition Surveying product expert, to learn more.

Q. What are the videos about?

A. This set of 4 how-to videos explains the first steps of the Leica ScanStation P40 basic workflow – typical steps and settings that every user encounters after taking the ScanStation P40 out of the box for the first time and using it in daily project work. These videos are specifically created for ScanStation P40 top model but most details also apply to ScanStation P30.

How to configure the instrument This video describes some of the configuration settings required after delivery (e.g., for the units, the date and time or the instrument language). After initial configuration, these settings typically do not need to be changed very often.

How to start a scan
This video demonstrates the whole scanning process from start to finish and which key settings are vital for a scan definition.

How to use the Scan Viewer
See how the Scan Viewer, an essential tool of the scanning process, enables a quick and easy definition of sub-scans and a scan check in the field.

How to acquire images with the internal camera
Learn how to create high-quality images with the scanner’s internal camera for the colour mapping of scanned 3D point clouds.

Q. Who should watch these videos?

A: First time users can take advantage of online training for getting started before joining a classroom training. Once finished they can use the videos to repeat content. Existing users can learn more about P40 features they may not know about.

Q. Why did you create these videos?

A: Looking at the history of terrestrial laser scanners, physical training was required followed by a long learning curve. The Leica ScanStation P40 is easy to use with its intuitive user interface, yet documentation and training are still an important part of the product. These videos answer an increasing demand from customers for visual remote training.

Q. What’s next for HDS training by Leica Geosystems?

A: We have plans to create further videos to cover basic workflow from A to Z, such as how to acquire targets, how to copy the data, and how to import it into Cyclone software.

Q. Anything else?

A: These videos only cover the field part of the scanning process. More videos are available about the office part when it comes to 3D point cloud processing in Leica Cyclone software here.


Peter Glueck, HDS Product Expert, Leica Geosystems AG



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