Streamlining construction workflows to optimise efficiency

Software Partners Autodesk

With the increasing complexity of construction projects and massive amounts of information generated, interoperability with various information systems and industry standards is a requirement for project success.

Autodesk and Leica Geosystems are focused on bringing more efficiency to the building construction industry with integrated technologies that enable construction professionals to implement streamlined workflows.

Construction professionals can now choose between a direct connection to Autodesk BIM 360® Docs via Leica iCON field software or a connection from Leica iCON sensors to Autodesk BIM 360® Layout on site.

Streamlining construction workflows helps to optimise efficiency and increase transparency both on the jobsite and in the office.

Learn more about the connectivity between Leica Geosystems solutions to either BIM 360 Docs or BIM 360 Layout: 



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Leica iCON Robotic Total Stations

Find out more about the Leica iCON iCR70 and iCR80 robotic total stations. 
Find out more about the Leica iCON iCR70 and iCR80 robotic total stations.