Leica Zeno FLX100 plus Smart Antenna

An accurate, compact and flexible solution for everyone

Aim for accurate location on iOS, Android and Windows with the compact Leica Zeno FLX100 plus Smart Antenna.

Capture spatial data in a simple and flexible way. Use the setup that fits your workflow: be it on a survey pole for high accuracy data or with the Universal Handheld tray. The FLX100 plus can be paired with your own smartphone or tablet providing freedom of choice to work the way you want.

For the ultimate experience in professional data capture, use the FLX100 plus with Leica Zeno Mobile.

Pair it with Leica Zeno Connect to enable high accuracy positioning in other data collection apps on various operating systems


Make the most of your FLX100 plus solution with SmartNet, Hexagon’s worldwide GNSS correction service: precision you can count on.


Compact, rugged and lightweight, the Leica Zeno FLX100 plus smart antenna is your dependable data capture solution. 



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Operating Systems

Ensure full flexibility with the support of iOS, Windows and Android devices. The Leica Zeno FLX100 plus is a centimetre level GNSS smart antenna supported by software running on all operation systems.


Real multifrequency tracking with up to 2cm accuracy in an ultra-portable housing.

FLX plus – Even more flexibility

Pair the FLX100 plus with the Universal Handheld Tray and your device to create the handheld solution that fits you. It is compatible with devices running iOS, Android and Windows. Combine it with Zeno Connect to expand the possibilities in your selected 3rd party software.


The FLX100 plus is packed with technology you can trust. It has been tested against the harshest environments, it is dust & water resistant and has over 20h of battery life. All combine to make you more efficient in the field.

Leica Zeno FLX100 plus Quick Start video

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HxGN SmartNet

HxGN SmartNet provides trusted GNSS data over more than 5,300 reference stations worldwide.

HxGN SmartNet provides trusted GNSS data over more than 5,300 reference stations worldwide.


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