New Leica Infinity Release – v4.1.3 now available for download

10 4月 2024

Leica Infinity

We are pleased to announce a new Leica Infinity 4.1.3 version release.

What are the main features coming with v4.1.3?

  • Support for manually adding level staff offset used in the level processing
  • Support for Leica LS10, LS15 digital level rod height offset
  • Support HeXML v2.1 for Import & Export
  • Host of improvements and fixes throughout the application

For more information about the Leica Infinity v4.1.3 release, download the release notes.
Update to v4.1.3 using Check for Updates on the About page. 
To install and use this version, your Maintenance End Date should be on or after 22th June, 2023.

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