Machine Control Customer Care Packages

Service and maintenance solutions adapted to the needs of Machine Control

Leica Geosystems service technician walks with his tools towards an excavator and excavator operator in heavy construction.

At Leica Geosystems, as your reliable business partner, we offer an extensive range of customer care packages designed specifically for machine control and heavy construction professionals. We understand that downtime and unforeseen challenges are the last things you want to experience on site. This understanding helped us design different service packages to ensure you get the right support when you need it the most. Our global network of skilled and experienced support engineers and service technicians commits to helping you meet your deadlines and reduce downtime. This is what Active Customer Care is all about; your success.

Customer Care Packages (CCP)
Get maximum return on investment with our range of service agreements that are specifically designed to meet the needs of machine control solution customers. A CCP contract gives you immediate access to our global network of support engineers with services to ensure you minimise downtime, make the best out of your technology and other benefits.


CCPs are available for different durations and coverage levels

The wide range of technical services, including technical support, repairs, preventative maintenance, and calibration, are carried out by experts. They will ensure your products are up and running in no time!

To further support you and your team, all product and service-related information are available to you via the Leica Geosystems customer information portal myWorld, so you can always be up to date with product updates, service cases, and the latest Leica Geosystems news. myWorld also provides your personnel with training and support to help them achieve their best performance and productivity.


Our promise


For hardware or software unexpected mishaps, we will be there for you. 

  • To support you via telephone with the best advice. 
  • Use the remote access functionality to view the panel and guide the operator to the resolution.
  • Use the remote access feature so our technicians can remotely control the MCP80 panel to provide appropriate support. 

Your benefits 


Our specialists will ensure your system is up and running.

  • Quick and effective problem resolution.
  • Reduced idling and waiting time for the machine operators. 
  • Project delays due to machine downtime are eliminated. 

Your value


Confidence that you can rely on the best support network in the industry:  

  • Peace of mind that you are looked after by highly-qualified machine control specialists.
  • Reduce operator or project manager frustration.
  • Time savings and efficient operations. 

Our promise


Being proactive pays off.  

  • Audit and calibration of the sensors, cables, and other parts of the solution. 
  • Certification of system optimal performance. 
  • Up to five years of coverage for maintenance and repairs.

Your benefits 


You do not leave your success to fate. 

  • A proactive approach to downtime, as essential parts are checked before possible failure or malfunction. 
  • Assurance to third parties of proper system operation. 
  • Labour and spare part costs of a technical issue (subject to warranty coverage) remain off your balance sheet.

Your value


More control over unexpected technical issues and related expenditures. 

  • Less downtime and unpleasant surprises when the machines are unable to work.  
  • Official proof of delivering high-standard work to your customers through the latest technology in machine control.
  • Less unplanned and overwhelming expenses. 

Our promise


Constantly keeping you up to date with product news and solution improvements.

  • Access to our online education platform and locally delivered customer training.
  • Support based on local (regional and country-specific) domain expertise. 
  • Installation of software updates on machine control or other field solutions.  

Your benefits 


Convenient access to on-demand material and expert knowledge. 

  • Workflow-focused content that can improve your daily operations. 
  • Support and training delivered local language, with a local focus. 
  • Utilising the latest features and benefiting from improvements in the data flow, user interface, and overall application performance.  

Your value


You do not miss a chance for improvement. 

  • A better understanding of the solution and continuous optimisation of the system. 
  • Easy communication with the right advice and support for your applications. 
  • Making the most out of your investment in Leica Geosystems solutions.