Leica Geosystems, SVAB integrate machine control solutions with tool recognition for excavators, wheel loaders

Increasing efficiency of machine control by removing the need for manual settings

Tool Recognition

(HEERBRUGG, SWITZERLAND, 7 FEBRUARY 2019) Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, and SVAB, a leading developer of ergonomic and user-friendly control systems for industrial vehicles and equipment, announced today they are releasing a new productivity tool for iXE3 and iGW3 machine control solutions based on SVAB's Quantum Tool Recognition system.


Tool Recognition is a wireless system that automatically detects the work tool that is used on a construction equipment machine via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The system can automatically identify which work tools are connected to the machine.


“Some operators change bucket several times a day; with the Tool Recognition configuration, the risk of human error is eliminated. The integration with the machine control solution means the operator only needs to focus on one panel,” explains Marcus Grevelshøj, product manager for excavator and wheel loader solutions at Leica Geosystems.


Increasing operational efficiency


The machine operator no longer needs to manually change settings in the Leica Geosystems machine control solution when changing work tools with this system; this is now an automated process. The driver will also get a warning if a work tool without a tool recognition module is selected. This minimises the risk of using the wrong bucket and the subsequent over or under digging and costly rework. Besides directly supporting the attached tools, the tool recognition system also supports standard tilt buckets and detachable tilt rotators.


“The Tool Recognition system sets a new standard that takes advantage of the information on which work tool is connected to the machine. We are very proud to announce that Leica Geosystems now is compatible with the system,” says Fredrik Eriksson, CEO of SVAB.

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およそ200年にわたり計測・測量の製品および技術で変革を生んできたHexagon のグループカンパニーであるライカジオシステムズは、世界中のプロフェッショナルに向けてトータルソリューションを開発しています。革新的な製品とソリューションの開発で知られているライカジオシステムズは、地理空間情報の利活用において、航空宇宙、防衛、安全、セキュリティ、建設、製造など、実に多岐にわたる業界のプロフェッショナルから信頼を得ています。ライカジオシステムズは高精度で正確な機器、洗練されたソフトウェア、そして信頼できるサービスで、社会の発展に貢献していきます。


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