Leica Captivate Release of version 2 10

The Leica Captivate Experience continues with the release of Leica Captivate v2.10. We have asked Alastair Green, Leica Geosystems Field SW business director, to explain more about this latest software release.

Alastair, why is this release called Captivate v2.10 and not v3.00?

Until now, and even going back to SmartWorx with System1200 and SmartWorx Viva, we typically had one large major software update with many new features per year. Customers have told us they would prefer to have more frequent software updates - even if this means a relatively smaller number of features in these releases.

Based on this input, we have decided to have "mini-releases". Since it is a :"mini-release" we have numbered the release v2.10 - hence the release of Leica Captivate v2.10 in September 2016.

Typically, we are hoping to have a mini-release every 3-4 months, so the next will be Leica Captivate v2.20 in early 2017.

What are the new features in Leica Captivate v2.10?

We have really visited a lot of customers in the last 12 months and received excellent feedback as to what customers would like... so v2.10, is primarily based on this input...

The most frequently requested wish was the ability to hide the 3D viewer in the Measure app. Customers told us they love the new way of coding (watch this video on coding and linework basics, and this video on coding and linework additional functions) and love the 3D viewer (watch this video on how to use the 3D viewer) – but did not necessarily need to see the 3D viewer all the time. They would prefer to see more code boxes and also be able to see and edit the target height.

With this input we have added the ability to hide the 3D viewer

Leica Captivate     Leica Captivate

This is possible by pressing the new buttons or from the keyboard by pressing Fn, and then while holding down the Fn key, press arrow right and left.

What other customer wishes found their way into Leica Captivate v2.10?

Quite a few! Here is a bullet point list with a quick explanation of the benefit of the new features

  • The ability to search in all lists.
  • This now speeds up the ability to search for objects such as free codes, jobs and so on.

  • In the job carousel an icon now shows directly if a job is stored on the SD card.
  • This makes it easier to see which job is where.

  • For all staking methods switch to bulls-eye view when within 0.5m of the point.
  • Leica Captivate has a few different ways to navigate to the point being staked - 2D view, 3D view, "navi" view, classic view... for all methods, the graphics will switch to a simple bulls eye view when within 0.5m of the point - this really speeds up staking out

  • Remember the last used view in the stake apps.
  • Customers told us they tend to find their favourite method of staking and stick with it. With Leica Captivate v2.10, the last chosen method is now remembered for the next time the app is used.

  • More hot keys.
  • Customers love hot keys! These are "short-cuts" to access certain screens or activate/de-activate certain functionality we have added the extra following short cuts...

  • Load working style
  • Load RTK profile
  • Access RTK settings
  • Select server/mountpoint
  • Atmospheric corrections
  • Select target
  • Toggle between once/once & fast TS measure modes
  • Toggle PowerSearch filter on/off
  • Toggle V angle on/off
  • Pop-up keyboard
  • Sketch pad

And lots more!

How can someone find out more about Leica Captivate v2.10?

Easy! Download the comprehensive release notes from myWorld - all you need to know is in the release notes.


Alastair Green
Leica Geosystems Field SW business director




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