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Merging survey data with GIS data is now straightforward in in Infinity v3.4 because users can connect directly to ESRI ArcGIS Online service. Users need to simply sign in from the “Services” page in Infinity and they have direct access to a list of Feature Servers. This gives the user ability to view, download and add various data to an Infinity project. Public Feature Servers and Map Servers can be included in a project as a Map Service definition even without sign in credentials.

Learn more about the workflow from this article or watch the tutorial video. 

Add a new ArcGIS Map Server to use as a Background Map

The ArcGIS Map Server can be added in Infinity from the Services list. Simply define the Server name, the full URL of the Web Service instance and log in credentials if required. The new ArcGIS Map Server instance is now available for use in Infinity projects. To use the service, select the Toggle Base Map drop-down menu and select the new ArcGIS Map Server instance.  Note that a valid coordinate system is required. Use the Feature Info button to get detailed in-formation regarding the map objects. 

Leica Infinity surveying software screen shot arcGIS
Image 1: Netherlands open Map Server used as a Background Map in Infinity


Add a new ArcGIS Feature Server and download data

The ArcGIS Feature Server can be added the same way as the ArcGIS Map Server. In the project, the data can be imported via the Get Feature button on the Home ribbon . In the Get Feature dialog, simply select the features to work with and select Download All or download only the Current View. The downloaded features are shown from the View pane and Navigator.

Leica Infinity Surveying Software screenshot arcGIS
Image 2: Downloading Features with the Get Feature functionality


Connect to the ArcGIS Online service

To connect to ArcGIS Online, enter the log in credentials from Services list to authorise access from Infinity.  After a successful log in, all valid ArcGIS Online Feature Servers will be available in the projects. To download and view list of available features, use Get Feature on the home ribbon and select the Feature Server linked to the ArcGIS Online service. Use Download all or current view to import the features. New features can be visualised in the View pane and are listed in the Navigator. To view the imported feature attributes, select a feature from the Navigator and open the Attribute Table from the context menu. The imported features are added to the project’s Code Table and can be used as feature codes for field collection. The features can be seen in the Code Manager from the Features tab.

Leica Infinity Surveying Software screenshot arcGIS
Image 3: Imported features in Infinity project 

Share project data to the ArcGIS Online service 

To export data to the ArcGIS Online service, the data must have WGS84 coordinates or a master coordinate system must be set. The user has to have “Publish Features” access   rights in order to export to ArcGIS Online. To export project data to the ArcGIS Online service, simply select the desired data and use the ArcGIS Online from the ribbon bar. Specify the log in credentials if required. Exported data is visualised in the ArcGIS Online Web Map. 

Leica Infinity Surveying Software screenshot arcGIS
Image 4: View of the data in ArcGIS Online Web Map

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VIDEO: Watch the video to learn how to use the ArcGIS online services.

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