What is 3D Reality Capture?

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What is 3D Reality Capture

Rapid changes in technology and computing power improve nearly every part of our lives from democratisation and access to information to communication and how we view the world around us. 3D Reality Capture is another example of how technological innovation can improve our environment, understanding and productivity.

What is 3D Reality Capture?

3D Reality Capture is a process of scanning and capturing any site, for example plants, buildings or crime scenes, in a 3D digital model, combining measurements and imagery. The resulting model can be used for design and comparison purposes, to ensure site safety in inhospitable environments or as evidence in a criminal case, capturing every detail with to-the-millimetre accuracy.

As technology has become smaller, more affordable and more automated, 3D Reality Capture has become increasingly accessible to a wider range of applications, putting control in the hands of those that may have required specialists in the past.

The latest solutions combine one-touch operation with portability and speed to deliver high levels of accuracy, automation and the ability to create 3D environments in a matter of minutes.

Automated processes

The latest software automates many of the more complex functions of scan capture and manipulation. Automatic registration of scans, detailed certification software and simple one-touch operation puts this technology in the hands of novice users who can be trained in minutes.

Increased efficiency and productivity

3D Reality Capture significantly reduces labour costs associated with surveying, design and documentation. It empowers novice users to improve productivity and workflows, reducing time on site and enhancing design, construction and maintenance processes.

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