New Leica iCON construction software version improves design experience

New iCON site, build versions bring greater clarity from plan to reality

(Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 9 March 2017) – Leica Geosystems, industry leader of measurement technology, announced today the new version 3.5 of Leica iCON site and iCON build construction software with significant updates to more easily manage design data in the field.

Whether working in the heavy construction or building construction industry, the new software versions simplify the design to build process by providing more intuitive navigation. While Leica iCON site 3.5 is for use within the heavy construction industry around earth moving and infrastructure applications and Leica iCON build 3.5 is for building construction applications such as stakeouts and as-built checks, both can be used with tablets, GNSS instruments and total stations.

Dedicated to simplicity  
With the new version of iCON site, navigation in the software has become easier, data flows are now seamless, and workflows are optimised. Background images can be directly imported for georeferenced files, enabling a better navigation of plan to reality. Along with a new stakeout line workflow, simulator and data prep tool, the software also features an entry machine guidance system for earthmoving machines. This provides an affordable and flexible means for non-surveying site professionals to enter into machine guidance. KOF, an ASCII file format, and L3D, a road line file format,  are now supported in the software, resulting in no need for format conversion and a smooth flow from the machine to the office.

"Now we have one solution for bulk earthworks plus the ability to take the rover out of the machine and use it to grade check,” said Peter Andrew, Hick Group contracts manager who was able try the software in beta.  “With 3D visualisation and great after sales support, it's an outstanding combination."

Object-driven construction layout
A new Layout Objects App is available in the updated iCON build software. Enabling an object-driven construction layout process, users can now import Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data directly from Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design software as well as load complete BIM data to immediately begin a layout. With its unique Zlider Bar, the App allows for the vertical cut-out of building model elements for the best map visualisation. With colour coding, users can also easily distinguish individual trade’s data sub-sets.

“The new release of iCON build is impressive. Users now have the ability to leverage IFC models for layout,”  said Josh Bone, JBKnowledge, Inc. BIM/VDC specialist who was able to try the software out earlier this year. “This new interface makes it easy to hide layers and isolate the vertical cut of the model so that the user can focus on the task at hand. The software is intuitive and simple enough that any contractor can pick it up quickly.”

For more information about the updated Leica iCON site, please visit
For more information about the updated Leica iCON build, please visit

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Tutustu, kuinka asiakkaamme ympäri maailmaa käyttävät Leica Geosystems -ratkaisuja. Etsi ehdotuksia omiin projekteihisi.
Tutustu, kuinka asiakkaamme ympäri maailmaa käyttävät Leica Geosystems -ratkaisuja. Etsi ehdotuksia omiin projekteihisi.