Leica iCON alpine Snow Management

3D snow depth measurement and snow management

Leica iCON alpine

iCON alpine snow management is a comprehensive suite of tools including the 3D snow measurement solution that delivers real-time data on the in-cabin display showing exact snow depths under the blade. This enables the operator to respond to snow conditions immediately and perfectly prepare slopes according to a 3D reference model. With the web-based geo-information system alpinePRO you can expand your solution to a complete management system for your entire resort infrastructure with comprehensive analysis, assessment and planning functions.

Snow allocation

Snow is valuable as a raw material, especially technical snow. Whether it is natural or man-made, maintaining and utilising it in an optimal way throughout the entire ski season is a challenge that enables potential for great savings. This is why an increasing number of winter sport resorts are relying on modern GNSS technology for efficient management of their slopes. Leica iCON alpine ensures accurate snow depth measurement down to the centimetre and even snow distribution.

Advanced sensor technology

Three-point measurement under the blade reduces the risk of collision with the terrain and ensures precision when working with a tilted blade. Three measurement locations ensure more precise positioning of the blade according to the design model. The dual slope technology ensures blade roll compensation which significantly enhances the accuracy of the snow depth measurements when rolling the blade up or down. Blade roll compensation is an advantage when grooming slopes and when creating snow parks and competition courses.


With alpinePRO you can expand your solution to a complete management system for your entire resort infrastructure. Use alpinePRO for comprehensive analyses, assessment and planning. You can even take alpinePRO with you on the fly with the mobile app that allows you to assign tasks, create reports and communicate with the office when you are out on a mission or on patrol.

Easy snow park creation

The Leica iCON alpine solution saves you time and costs when preparing a fun park or a course for competitions. Use alpinePRO to accurately calculate the snow volumes for the fun park creation and the requirements for allocation of saved snow or technical snow. Import 3D files from snow park designers directly into to Leica iCON alpine and build the course precisely by measuring the exact heights of the jumps and turns while minimising the manual work.

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