Building Up & Out: A look at the HxGN LIVE Geosystems Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track

The Geosystems Track of HxGN LIVE is hosting four distinct sub-tracks that measurement professionals can choose from to fulfill their unique needs. In February, the Leica Geosystems Blog will focus on the first sub-track of Surveying & Infrastructure . We start here with an overview of what this sub-track has to offer.

Are you a passionate surveyor or a dedicated builder? Does Geographic Information Systems (GIS) set your heart racing?
Perhaps Building Information Modeling (BIM) is your obsession? Do you want the first look at new measurement technologies?
If so, you could find your perfect place in the HxGN LIVE 2015 Geosystems Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track.

What is the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track?

Using the latest solutions by Leica Geosystems and partners, this collection of presentations can help you become an even better professional in the geospatial industry. Leading industry experts, academic professionals and experienced products managers will teach you the solutions to solve your most difficult challenges.
You will learn about the latest product developments, attend hands-on training using total stations, MultiStations and GNSS, and network with experts involved in product development and fellow users.

What do you get?

Along with best-of-class presentations and valuable networking opportunities, the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track also includes:

  • Solution-based information to address a series of applications in the fields of monitoring, tunnelling, GIS and BIM.
  • Global perspectives on geospatial solutions with a direct case focus on how these solutions can be modified for local use through an international
    network of software development partners.
  • Know-how to redefine traditional applications like as-built surveys, volume calculation and clash-detection using the latest technologies.

For more information about the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track, contact Bettina Dense at



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