Geosystems Track releases preliminary sessions for HxGN LIVE 2015


Want to learn how the high-definition survey technologies are being used to stop water run-off, tidal surges and flooding of a large industrial site?

Maybe you would be interested in understanding the ins and out of Leica Cyclone software?

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to create different types of CAD deliverables, such as topographic maps, surface models, volume calculations and contour maps?

Find your perfect training in the Geosystems Track

With topics like these and many more, gain hands-on experience in the just-released professional development sessions in the Geosystems Track for HxGN LIVE 2015.

From “Of Abe and George: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships and HDS Solutions to Save the Cultural Heritage of the National Mall, Washington, DC” to “Overcoming Communication Challenges on the Jobsite—Maximise Up-Time!,” session topics cover a wide array of application areas in the four sub-tracks of:

  • Surveying & Infrastructure
  • Laser Scanning/High Definition Survey
  • Geospatial Solutions
  • Machine Control & Construction.

Click here to see all sessions in the HxGN LIVE 2015 Geosystems Track.



Leica Geosystems へのお問い合わせ

販売、サポートおよび 技術サービスについてのお問い合わせ先はこちらからご覧いただけます。
販売、サポートおよび 技術サービスについてのお問い合わせ先はこちらからご覧いただけます。