DISTO D510 case released


You know the Leica DISTO™ D510 makes outdoor distance measurement easy and effortless, but combined with accessories it is even more convenient.

We are pleased to announce the new Leica DISTO™ D510 case – the professional package for convenient aiming and precise measurement.

Consisting of the Leica DISTO™ D510, the Leica FTA360 adapter and the Leica tripod TRI70, the package provides a complete measuring system for outdoor use.


Benefiting from all-in-one

When you purchase the new Leica DISTO™ D510 case, you receive:

  • Fine adjustment of the laser dot at the target point by holding the device to a stable reference
  • Precise aiming and measuring on small objects and large distances
  • Package specifically designed for exterior applications
  • Complete package in a robust, attractive and functional carrying case
  • Each product and accessory is visible in the case, so nothing will be lost or forgotten
  • Cases are designed to be stacked on top of each other

To learn more about this all-in-one package for outdoor distance measuring, click here.



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