Leica Rugby 820 and 840 Upgraded intelligent lasers provide maximum application flexibility


For general contractors and construction crews who need a rotary laser for a wide range of applications, Leica Geosystems offers Leica Rugby 820 and 840 users added functionality. By simply using the RC 800 remote control with existing Leica Rugby lasers, users upgrade their devices into semi-automatic, dial-in grade lasers.

Already known as the toughest lasers on the market today, with rugged IP68 water and dust protection rating as well as Military Grade Certification, the Leica Rugby 820 and 840 now perform even better, offering users accurate and efficient results when working on slope applications, even without knowing the grades.
Using the RC 800 remote control, contractors can now dial-in known grades, enabling semi-automatic comfort, in single or dual axis, thereby completing their tasks faster and easier – and more efficiently.

Unique features, such as Smart Slope, continuously monitors time and temperature changes over the course of the day; Smart Targeting, automatically aligns targets at the touch of a button; or Smart Lock, corrects laser planes in real-time, will ensure users accurate performance throughout their slope tasks.

As the only lasers in the market, Rugby 800 Series lasers have been tested according to the ISO 17123-6 standard for continuous accuracy and are delivered with the official calibration certificate, giving a guarantee that a laser performs with repeated accuracy, and reducing the risk of application mistakes.


“Our ultimate goal at Leica Geosystems, is to provide contractors with maximum application flexibility. Focusing on our customer’s need, we’ve enhanced the Leica Rugby 820 and 840 to perform accurately and efficiently on multitude of applications. We’re also proud to provide our customers with the first upgradeable rotating lasers on the market,” says Agata Materek, product manager at Leica Geosystems.

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Use the RC 800 remote control to upgrade Leica Rugby 820 and 840 to semi-automatic grade lasers.



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