Maximising productivity through online learning courses

Product expert Paul Dainty explains how online learning courses can help users get the most out of their products

Product expert Paul Dainty explains how Leica Geosystems online learning courses can help users get the most out of their products to ensure they can maximise productivity.

Can you tell us more about the new online platform available for Leica Geosystems solutions?
Sure! We have been developing an online learning platform and creating online courses for a range of Leica Geosystems products and topics.

Our initial trials were very successful, so now we are growing the range of courses and making them available to more people.

What was the reason to start creating online courses?
Well, there were several reasons. After visiting a lot of our users, we discovered that our solutions were not being used to their full capabilities. This means that people were not fully benefitting from the excellent features, therefore were not being productive as they could be. By delivering quality, informative online courses, we could really help our users to fully understand the solutions, allowing them to maximise their productivity and get the most value.

That certainly sounds interesting! Do you have an example?
Yes, the robotic total station courses are a good example. The robotic automation behaviour is very complex and sensitive, to both the users input and surrounding environment. We realised that the users of these total stations would really benefit from a detailed but practical explanation of the designed automation behaviour. That way, the users could work much more efficiently and prevent costly downtime in the field. Spending just two hours learning about the product could save hundreds of hours in the field.

Are there any other benefits to online learning?
There are many benefits to online learning. There is the convenience factor of having a library of courses available that people can access wherever and whenever they want. Also, there is no travelling involved, meaning it’s more cost-effective and the impact on the environment is minimised. Another great thing is that our sales, support and distribution network can also benefit, meaning they are much more informed about our solutions and can better advise our customers.

Could you tell us what’s in a typical course?
Yes. The courses are developed by our product experts, and contain a lot of informative material, such as:

  • Background knowledge
  • Technical insights
  • Plenty of practical tricks and tips.

We try to make the courses as engaging as possible by using videos, interactive tasks, exercises and quiz questions. A badge is awarded on completion of a course.

So, what online courses are available?
We are continuously growing the number of courses. At the moment, the range of courses covers products such as Leica Captivate, Infinity, iCON iCR70/80, Zeno 20, RTC360, REGISTER 360 and Mobile Mapping.

Are these courses available to everyone?
The courses are available to everyone who has a Leica Geosystems myWorld account, with one of the supported products registered that has an active Customer Care Package (CCP).

The supported products are currently all of the Leica Captivate line, Leica Infinity, Zeno 20, RTC360, Cyclone software, Zeno 20/Mobile and iCON ICR70/80.

Registering just one of the supported products gives access to all courses. The good thing is that multiple employees from the same company can each have their own e-learning account, as they can register the company’s products in separate myWorld accounts.

Will there be more courses in the future?
Certainly! The number of courses is continuously growing, and the range of solution courses is also expanding. We are realising the benefits of delivering quality, informative online courses, so we will not stop here!

So, how does a customer access the online learning platform?
A customer can access the online learning platform in one of two ways.
  1. Directly accessing the platform via
  2. Accessing myWorld -> myLearning via

Leica Geosystems online courses are an excellent learning resource on a range of products. By investing a small amount of time taking the courses, users can benefit enormously by developing expert product knowledge, which can lead to significant efficiency and productivity gains.


Paul Dainty

Paul Dainty
Product Expert, Market Development
Leica Geosystems AG




Online Learning

Leica Geosystems has developed an online learning platform, to further educate customers to use the functionality of their instruments to the maximum.
Leica Geosystems has developed an online learning platform, to further educate customers to use the functionality of their instruments to the maximum.

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