Leica Captivate Apps for GNSS

Quickly set up your GNSS and start measuring with the right grid coordinate system

Surveyor prepares to use a GNSS RTK rover with a base station next to a meadow
When measuring using GNSS, surveyors and other measurement professionals know getting set up with the correct grid coordinate system and reference frame is essential to provide accurate positioning data in the right place for the project. The range of Leica Captivate apps for GNSS makes light work of setting up the base station and applying the necessary coordinate system on the rover, allowing work to commence quickly.

Ensure GNSS measurements are in the right place

Base Setup

The Leica Captivate Base Setup app provides a simple way to get your GNSS base station or reference station set up and ready to provide corrections to your RTK rover.

The app provides easy-to-use tools to configure the connected GNSS receiver or Smart Antenna as a base station.

Directly set the position of the base station and configure additional options, such as raw data logging, enabling you to work with your RTK rover as quickly as possible.

Create grid coordinate systems

The Leica Captivate Determine Coordinate System app gives you the power and control you need to match WGS84 coordinates with grid-based coordinates, enabling you to compute and create the required coordinate system for your work site.

Match just a few points to determine a small local site system or create a regional or country coordinate system using given parameters such as an ellipsoid, projection, transformation, or geoid model. Whatever your use case, the Determine Coordinate System app provides a complete set of tools to get your GNSS sensor correctly positioned with the right coordinates, so you are ready to work.


The Leica Captivate QuickGrid app simplifies the process of computing a local grid coordinate system, allowing you to quickly get your GNSS sensor working with grid coordinates on your site.

Whether it’s matching multiple known control points, orientating to a line, or using just one point to get you placed on the grid, QuickGrid offers easy-to-use routines to complete the process and start working with your RTK rover with minimum time and effort.

Captivate Quick Tip

Did you know that when staking points, lines, or alignments with a GNSS sensor, you can use the direction of the sun to orientate the stakeout guidance?

Using the GNSS position and almanac, the sensor knows the exact direction to the sun at any given moment. When staking out, simply align the stake navigation arrows with the direction of the sun or your shadow and Captivate will guide you to the stake location clearly and efficiently.

The Leica Captivate field software is fully compatible with:

Leica Exchange

Leica Exchangeなら、現場とオフィスの間でデータを容易に転送できます。
Leica Exchangeなら、現場とオフィスの間でデータを容易に転送できます。


Leica Captivate データシート

測量関係者向けフィールドソフトウェア Leica Captivate の最も重要な機能とサポートデバイスを紹介したデータシートです。

測量関係者向けフィールドソフトウェア Leica Captivate の最も重要な機能とサポートデバイスを紹介したデータシートです。

How to create a local coordinate system

Watch the how-to tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the creation of a local coordinate system with Leica Captivate.

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