Leica Captivate Apps for total stations

Surveying software apps that simplify and automate total station setup and measurements

Surveyor measures with a robotic total station on a road infrastructure construction site.

Across total station surveying and measurement tasks, from establishing control through measuring detail points, correct setup and accurate data entry are crucial. The range of Leica Captivate apps for total stations provide powerful yet user-friendly tools that automate and streamline the setup and measurement processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and expand into new services, like semi-automated campaign monitoring.

Automating total station setup and measurement processes for highest accuracy results

TPS Setup

The Leica Captivate Setup app offers a variety of setup methods to help you position and orient your total station with minimal effort.

The app offers flexible, streamlined setup options for referencing known control points and directions, as well as orienting to a line or object. The guided process and quality feedback give you confidence that your instrument is in exactly the right place and ready to work.

Auto Setup

The Leica Captivate Auto Setup app utilises the PowerSearch function of your total station to automatically search for and measure to all visible prisms on site and compute a resection from the results.

The whole setup process is completely automated, removing the need to identify or aim to individual targets and saving valuable time, reducing costly errors, and improving workflow efficiency.

Measure Sets

The Leica Captivate Measure Sets app automates the process of making repeated measurements to multiple targets, such as when measuring sets of angles or rounds of observations to establish control points or contribute to a control network.

Automatically performing sets of measurements improves efficiency and minimises errors by eliminating manual repeat identification and aiming steps for each observation.

TPS Monitoring

The Leica Captivate TPS Monitoring app is the perfect partner to help expand into monitoring services by providing an easy and effective way to semi-automate on-site monitoring tasks and processes.

Campaign monitoring measurements and processing are often performed using manual methods, which can be inefficient and error prone. Captivate’s TPS Monitoring app provides a powerful, intuitive suite of tools that make the measurement process more efficient, reduce errors, and save resources. The TPS Monitoring app enables you to:

  • Schedule automated setup and measurement of monitoring points, with time intervals and point group management
  • Calculate and view displacements with quality checks and warnings
  • Link with Send to mail to email scheduled reports and notifications in case of exceeded tolerances
  • Generate onboard HTML reports for instant visual analysis and automated information sharing
  • Import data into GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition to generate real-time visualisations and custom reporting


Captivate Quick Tip

Did you know you can add a range of visualisation, analysis and reporting options to your campaign monitoring services when you combine the Captivate TPS Monitoring app and Leica GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition?

Data captured with the TPS Monitoring app is automatically imported into GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition, where you can:

  • Instantly visualise real-time displacements
  • Customise dashboards to display data on a map, in charts, graphs or tables
  • Access up-to date data directly and securely in the field on any smart device over a browser
  • Create customised, automated reports featuring your company branding


The Leica Captivate field software is fully compatible with:

Leica Exchange

Leica Exchangeなら、現場とオフィスの間でデータを容易に転送できます。
Leica Exchangeなら、現場とオフィスの間でデータを容易に転送できます。


Leica Captivate データシート

測量関係者向けフィールドソフトウェア Leica Captivate の最も重要な機能とサポートデバイスを紹介したデータシートです。

測量関係者向けフィールドソフトウェア Leica Captivate の最も重要な機能とサポートデバイスを紹介したデータシートです。

Captivate Total Station Essentials

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Auto Setup Mastery

Learn how to use the Auto Setup app for quicker robotic total station setup with our step-by-step guide.
Learn how to use the Auto Setup app for quicker robotic total station setup with our step-by-step guide.

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