Leica Captivate Apps for Staking Out Points and Lines from CAD, and IFC design data

Increase productivity with surveying software apps that streamline staking out and checking design objects defined by points and lines.

Engineering surveyor staking out a point below rebars on a construction site with a CS30 tablet showing Leica Captivate surveying software.

Surveyors and other measurement professionals know that efficiently providing accurate, reliable results helps keep construction projects on track. Leica Captivate surveying software offers a range of apps for staking and checking points and lines that allow you to streamline staking out designs, checking as-built construction, and contributing to the BIM process. Consistent workflows and graphics enable you to easily learn and utilise the right app for each application.

Maximising efficiency for construction and engineering surveying tasks

Stake points

The Leica Captivate Stake Points app not only offers the traditional methods and views for staking points, but also boasts a range of customisable features to increase your efficiency.

Control what you stake by filtering and selecting points via graphical selection, point IDs, code, or even the closest point.

Clear, informative graphics and smart navigation project your position and orientation right into the 3D data, guiding you quickly and accurately to the point to stake out.

Rigorous quality control checks ensure your data is staked out to the required accuracy, and design differences are reported immediately on-screen or via an exported cut sheet report.

Report your results into the design or BIM process, allowing models to better reflect reality.

Stake to Line

When your design or reference data contains linear objects, such as lines or arcs, the Leica Captivate Stake to Line app provides a flexible and efficient way to perform staking tasks.

In the field, easily build simple lines with points or directions, or define more complicated lines such as arcs, polygons or alignments through manual entry or by extracting them from attached design file such as IFC, DXF or other CAD formats.

The Stake Line app allows quick staking out of lines, polylines, individual line segments, and slopes based on these.

Stake defined distances along the line and add extra control with line and height offsets. Further increase efficiency with automatic distance increments and the ability to stake a grid of points based on the line.

Measure to Line

The Leica Captivate Measure to Line app delivers a powerful yet simple way to report your measurement position relative to any linear objects contained within your CAD or IFC data.

With flexible options to build and use simple lines, or use more complex lines such as arcs, polylines or alignments, the Measure to Line app allows live positions to be reported relative to the whole line, a segment of the line, or a slope from the line.

The customisable information page can be configured to display any type of measured or calculated value in relation to the line, allowing you to see exactly what you need to know.

All of this provides you the freedom and power to deliver decisive verification checks, especially beneficial when contributing to BIM processes.

Captivate Quick Tip: Automatic point staking

Did you know that the Leica Captivate Stake Auto Points app allows you to effortlessly position points like drilling locations on floors, walls, ceilings, or other surfaces?

Use the app in conjunction with a robotic total station to quickly identify and navigate to correct point locations. The total station automatically samples the surface to derive a point's location relative to the surface, even if the surface itself prevents the 3D position of the point being reached.

The stake location is indicated by the total station’s red laser pointer, allowing tasks such as positioning drilling holes to be performed quickly and easily.

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Leica Captivate データシート

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測量関係者向けフィールドソフトウェア Leica Captivate の最も重要な機能とサポートデバイスを紹介したデータシートです。

How to stake a point with Leica Captivate

Watch the how-to tutorial that takes you step-by-step through selecting and staking a point with Leica Captivate.
Watch the how-to tutorial that takes you step-by-step through selecting and staking a point with Leica Captivate.

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