Leica Captivate Apps for Field data collection

Surveying software apps for efficient data collection in the field

surveyor measures with a robotic total station and the data appears on a tablet running Leica Captivate software.
Surveyors and other measurement professionals know that efficient field data collection is key to maximising productivity. Leica Captivate apps optimise field to finish workflows by enabling fast measurements with complete data enrichment. Supporting a range of sensors and surveying tasks, Captivate data collection apps help you leave each site knowing your field work is fully finished.

Efficient surveying data collection, from field to finish

Measure app

The Leica Captivate Measure app is the essential tool for all your surveying data collection tasks, allowing you to measure, detail, and visualise your data effectively and easily.

Powerful and flexible coding and linework options let you collect data that is ready for CAD, with support of lines, arcs, splines, circles, and rectangles. Further enrich your data with attributes, annotations, images, and sketches.

Additional tools enhance efficiency, including auto points, offsets, multi-coding and auto-coding with saveable templates.

The fully integrated and interactive 3D viewer gives you the overview needed to confirm your fieldwork is finished before leaving the site.

Laser Scanning

The Leica Captivate Scanning app empowers the integrated laser scanning capabilities of the Leica MS60 MultiStation scanning total station.

Offering flexible options to define the scan, the app includes different scanning methods, re-useable area definition, full control of scan resolution and speed, and distance filtering.

Visualise the results in the 3D viewer and use the scanned data for further analysis directly in the field with other apps like Inspect Surfaces. In addition, enrich point clouds with panoramic imaging to automatically colourise the data.

GS Imaging

The Leica Captivate GS Imaging app unleashes the powerful imaging capabilities of the Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK rover.

Using the sensor’s camera and IMU, automatically capture a series of images to easily document a scene or measure an unreachable area.

Measure individual points directly in the field by simply tapping on the captured images or process the data further in Leica Infinity to create a point cloud.


The Leica Captivate Pipeline app streamlines the whole process of pipeline surveying by providing you with the essential tools needed for pipeline surveying.

Combine the app with a bar-code reader to easily and quickly measure pipeline-specific information, track and record attributes, and verify and report the data.

Since the data flow is fully integrated into industry-standard software and processes, using the Pipeline app can save you up to 70% in reporting time compared to traditional methods.

Captivate Quick Tip: Easily log nested attributes

The Leica Captivate Inventory app and Nested attributes app both provide additional coding functionality when you need to collect data with more complex attribute information.

Both apps support enhancing a regular codelist with attribute logic and rules, simplifying and prefiltering nested attribute entry.

The Nested attribute app provides an alternative to the Measure app and, with extended support of the nested attributes of point codes, enables an easier way to record complex features.

The Inventory app additionally handles object IDs, allowing you to easily record the code and attribute details of measured items by entering their unique ID.

The Leica Captivate field software is fully compatible with:

Leica Exchange

Leica Exchangeなら、現場とオフィスの間でデータを容易に転送できます。
Leica Exchangeなら、現場とオフィスの間でデータを容易に転送できます。


Leica Captivate データシート

測量関係者向けフィールドソフトウェア Leica Captivate の最も重要な機能とサポートデバイスを紹介したデータシートです。

測量関係者向けフィールドソフトウェア Leica Captivate の最も重要な機能とサポートデバイスを紹介したデータシートです。

Leica GS18 I Essentials

Quickfire series to maximise your Leica GS18 I experience. Uncover essentials to leverage its powerful imaging capability

Master Inventory Management

Learn how to effortlessly manage surveys with numerous objects and abundant code attributes.
Learn how to effortlessly manage surveys with numerous objects and abundant code attributes.

Time to upgrade your pipeline surveying?

Ensure you're not missing out on efficiency gains. Check this list to see if your pipeline surveying workflow needs an upgrade.
Ensure you're not missing out on efficiency gains. Check this list to see if your pipeline surveying workflow needs an upgrade.

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