Leica PowerBlade - Scraper System

Automated grading system for construction and agricultural tractors

Leica PowerBlade

The Leica PowerBlade system is a complete solution steered by the easy-to-use MCP-700 Control Box. A choice of Laser Receivers allows you to tailor the system to your application. An extremely rugged Electric Mast and a variety of hydraulic options complete the system.

All components have been developed to meet the extra strain experienced on Dozers and agricultural Tractors. The Leica PowerBlade system features a very rugged and durable design and is up to any challenge.

The system can be mounted on a broad range of machinery such as Scrapers, Dozers and agricultural Tractors, automatically controlling and adjusting the work.


  • Designed for advanced agricultural land levelling, providing survey capability, automatic averaging and lift functionality
  • Variety of hydraulic valves can be operated and tuned (black/white, proportional, Danfoss)
  • Choice of manual or automatic level control of the machine
  • Very quick learning curve due to simple user interface
  • Very bright LED display that can be read even in strong direct sunlight
  • 360° capture range in 190 mm (8”) window with MLS-700 Receiver
  • Proportional detection gives you the accuracy exactly where you need it
  • 2,5 mm (1/10”) accuracy independent of laser beam width
  • Works with all types of lasers

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