When software is the heart of our products, electronics is the blood circuit supplying the entire system. Only when electricity, data and information flow, our high-end devices are ready to go. Hundreds of electronic engineers competently, creatively and skilfully work in this supply circuit – one of them is Benjamin Müller.

After his education at Leica Geosystems, he became a permanent employee in 2001 and still is as happy as on his first day. Benjamin loves his job because each day new challenges wait for him: “For me, the fascination is to find physical limits. I can put my creativity into practice and develop great products that satisfy the highest expectations.”

At home, Benjamin also has a creative mind and combines his hobby with his profession. Not only is he an electronic engineer, but also an electronic musician. In his studio in St. Gallen, he regularly composes or programs new sounds to give his passion, physics, a voice under his pseudonym “Paradigman.”


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