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All our customers are experts in their fields. All have the need for professio­nal accessories of outstanding quality. Many of them quite simply want “the best”, and therefore the accessories of the “Professional 5000 Series”. Based on their daily work and requirements, some make the products of the “Professional 3000 or 1000 Series” their choice. Whatever the case may be, it is a decision for quality. Three Original Accessory series for your benefit. Quality always remains quality. But not every user needs extremely low measurement ­tolerances or works under extraordinary climatic conditions. That is why Leica Geosystems offers its original accessories in three series for differing requirements. There is a lower ­limit, through which quality is defined. There is, however, no upper limit, because our ­customers’ demand for maximum performance rises continually.

Price/performance The Professional 5000 Series meets the highest demands for precision, reliability, longevity and service. The Professional 3000 Series meets high standards in ­exactness, function, consistency and service. The Professional 1000 Series reliably fulfils all requirements of the most common surveying tasks.
Accuracy You achieve the best possible measurement accuracy with these products. We recommend them for highest accuracy class instruments. The Professional 3000 Series is conceived for all applications where a positioning accuracy of 3 mm and more is sufficient. For applications with required position accuracy in 10 mm range.
Environmental specifications For use even in extreme conditions of –20 to + 50 °C.
For use even in extreme conditions of –20 to + 50 °C. For use only in normal to ­demanding conditions of –10 to + 40 °C.
Spare parts All working parts remain available years after product is discontinued. The most important working parts remain available years after product is discontinued. Spare parts available only for selected products.
Lifetime The chosen materials guarantee a maximum lifetime, even under the most extreme conditions.
The materials used provide a long lifetime, even under difficult conditions. The material selection ensures a long lifetime under normal ­conditions.


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