Safely ahead of the game with cutting edge technology

Chapter 5: Machine control - great for production and for safety

Machine control - great for production and for safety

Leica Geosystems 3D machine control systems, such as Leica iCON grade and excavate, are also used for safety and dramatically increase productivity and accuracy. Crews no longer have to move around large machines to stake out pegs.

Using this 3D machine control means less downtime and more productivity on-site. Machine operators and construction crews no longer needed to wait for surveyors to set out stakes and to check and recheck before working. Digital project plans are easily loaded into the iCON systems in industry standard data formats like DXF / DWG and LandXML, all of which decrease office software investment costs and streamline getting data onto the machines quickly and efficiently. This is a significant benefit when managing design changes. Systems on the machines are all set up with Leica Telematics, which allows for 2-way data transfer to and from the machines and remote support through any web browser without the need for special software.

“We selected Leica Geosystems not only because of its quality, but also because the backup and support we receive from Global Survey is excellent. We could also bypass software we didn't need by transferring data directly out of AutoCAD (Civil 3D) to the machines. It saved us a lot of time and a lot of difficulties,” said Kelly. Another advantage of using Leica Geosystems products is its application software. Survey hardware is often replaced every five years because of technical advances. Leica Geosystems is constantly improving its application software and frequently distributes updates that are made based directly on customer feedback.

Targeted to be completed by approximately the end of 2019, Fulton Hogan HEB alliance is ahead of schedule, in part due to the leading technology being used on-site from Leica Geosystems.

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Chapter 5: Machine control - great for production and for safety

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