Leica Geosystems highlights major new updates to Leica Cyclone CloudWorx and JetStream at SPAR 3D

At SPAR 3D in Houston, Texas, USA this week Leica Geosystems is showcasing new capabilities across its laser scanning software product line for a better, faster, and more complete point cloud end-to-end solution. Here’s an overview of the latest developments.

Enabling multi-sensor integration

Leica Cyclone is already able to import and manage data from a variety of 3D and imaging sensor data sources. This capability is now more robust and diverse with new features to support data from DotProduct handheld scanners, SpheronLite external high dynamic range (HDR) cameras and the Leica Pegasus series of mobile mapping products.

Once in Cyclone, the additional data types become part of the complete workflow offered by Leica Geosystems HDSTM software, taking full advantage of Cyclone’s capabilities like registration or survey workflows, and migrating downstream to users’ favorite CloudWorx plugin(s) for CAD and modeling applications, and/or easy access and collaboration via TruView and TruView Global.

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Taking image processing to the next level

In addition to new Spheron image support, Cyclone’s new panorama importer provides faster workflows through automatic scan-to-image alignment for both Spheron and iSTAR panoramic images, providing more colour-accurate deliverables.

Once images are aligned to the scans, images can be colour adjusted to user preferences with the new HDR Tone Mapper, complete with fully adjustable settings for all the major HDR algorithms’ finesse for dynamic images.

Now users can also take advantage of all these image data enhancements in JetStream, the industry’s leading data engine, because Cyclone has new ability to publish image data directly to JetStream ProjectVault. This brings use of background panoramic imagery to both the JetStream Viewer and the JetStream-enabled CloudWorx TruSpace tool, adding the dimension of immersive photorealism to reality capture’s fastest, most high-performance point cloud engine.

Expanding BIM toolsets for easier workflows

The Leica CloudWorx family of products has several improvements and additions to expand BIM workflow integration. A new steel fitter comes complete with catalogue support in CloudWorx for

Updates to CloudWorx for AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, and PDMS also bring JetStream data compatibility to familiar CloudWorx’s fit section and flange work point tools. Now users can draw and model with CloudWorx’s full toolset with the benefit of full point cloud fidelity from handheld, terrestrial, mobile and aerial point cloud sources.

The bar has been raised on BIM interoperability between Cyclone and CloudWorx for Revit. CloudWorx for Revit has deep new Cyclone Object Exchange (COE) integration. Steel and pipework modeled with catalog intelligence in Cyclone can be imported into Revit as COE and maintain their intelligence. And users modeling in Revit can use CloudWorx to export COE data and bring it into Cyclone. Cyclone can make the BIM data shareable in an easy, lightweight format via publication to TruView Global.

Additionally the popular and powerful CloudWorx Clash Manager from CloudWorx for Navisworks is now replicated in CloudWorx for Revit. The Leica CloudWorx Clash Manager brings point cloud to design model clash detection and clash management to Revit, including the industry’s first and only anti-clash tool for detecting build-out progress or deviations from design.

Promoting freedom in the representation of 3D data

Leica Geosystems

For more than a decade, TruView has been the standard for providing users the ability to see, measure, mark up, and share scanner data.

But TruViews have always been locked to the perspective of a scanner’s static setup locations. No more! One of Cyclone’s most powerful new features is the ability to publish TruViews from any user-defined point in 3D space.

Users can set TruView positions from a precise, user-defined height above the ground/surface, or from a current camera angle. These virtual TruViews bring a new freedom to representing 3D data, and a whole new level of utility to non-static 3D systems like Leica Pegasus scanners, DotProduct handheld scanners, or point clouds generated from UAVs.

Add a TruView at every street intersection showing city assets geotagged in Cyclone and captured with Pegasus:Two, or inside a ceiling space to show HVAC systems modeled with CloudWorx for Revit and captured with a DotProduct scanner, or at a driver’s head position to show the exact driver’s view in a forensic case.

TruView and TruView Global become more powerful and more integral to every application and industry, sharing all of a user’s 3D data from any view.

A multi-sensor integration for a multi-industry appeal

Leica Geosystems HDSTM software solutions bring broad support for 3D point cloud and image sensors, with robust, full-featured toolsets for end-to-end solutions, and with finesse and control to meet users’ most dynamic and challenging needs.

See all the latest technology at the Leica Geosystems Booth 603 at SPAR 3D.


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