Going Green New rotating lasers feature green beams

Leica Geosystems has released the new Rugby 640G rotating laser and Rod Eye 120G laser receiver with green beams for better visibility.

When levelling and aligning in and around buildings, red beams can be difficult to see. The new Rugby 640G rotating laser with green beam enables you to easily see wherever you're working.

Leica Rod Eye

This universal, multipurpose laser provides the best beam visibility and functionality for interior applications. From installing drywall to working on suspended ceilings and raised floors, the new, bright green beam ensures you don't miss the mark. The green beam uses the latest in green diode technology, visible up to 30 metres without a receiver. An IP 67 protection and up to 60 hours operating time makes these lasers the most trusted and rugged choice for any interior project.

Rugby 640G comes in package with the new Rod Eye 120G with digital read-out ability for convenient offset readings and outstanding operating range. The universal Rugby 640G also performs reliably outdoors, even in freezing temperatures. Rugby 640G and Rod Eye 120G come with 3 year No Cost period and lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

"The Leica Rugby 640G is truly an all-rounder. This fully flexible laser performs whatever the levelling and/or aligning task," said Leica Geosystems Product Manager Agata Fischer. “Interior construction professionals save cost and time when they can now work with less errors and downtime. The bright, sharp green beam makes all the difference."

To go green, contact your local Leica Geosystems representative today.

You're PROTECTed

Protect by Leica

Coming standard with PROTECT by Leica Geosystems service, the Rugby 640G and Rod Eye 120G are insured with a Lifetime Warranty plus three-year no cost period.

There are four parts of PROTECT:

  1. Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

    We guarantee the quality and reliability of our products, and if an instrument should ever fail due to manufacturing defect, know you are PROTECTed. We will repair or replace the device free of charge.

  2. No Cost Period

    Our no-cost period gives you the peace of mind that you are supported every day on the job site. Should your product become defective, we will repair or replace it at no charge, simply and straightforwardly.

  3. Certified Quality

    Our calibration and test certificates are officially recognised all over the world. This is becuase we run our own claibration and test laboratories, which are regularly audited by independent accredition boards.

  4. Swiss Technology

    Wherever our devices are manufactured, they follow a strict Swiss precision formula is state-of-the-art production centres. Continuous and extensive tests throughout all stages of development and production ensure our products meet the highest standards for precision and quality.


Læs, hvordan kunder verden over drager nytte af vores alsidige løsninger.
Læs, hvordan kunder verden over drager nytte af vores alsidige løsninger.

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Find din kontakt hos Leica Geosystems inden for salg, assistance og teknisk service.
Find din kontakt hos Leica Geosystems inden for salg, assistance og teknisk service.