GeoMoS with new radar technology removing the gaps to monitor the whole picture


By adding new radar technology to the Leica GeoMoS monitoring solution, the gaps between prisms of mines, landslides and dams are now also monitored for fast movements. This offers a clearer, more accurate picture of a project’s stability.

Risk managers carry out monitoring tasks with complete confidence, knowing all movement of surfaces is monitored by two leading technologies: GeoMoS and IDS Guardian radar software. By combining surface information with highly accurate geodetic data, monitoring professionals have a complete and reliable insight of their project’s stability.


This new technology combines radar shape files with the GeoMoS geodetic monitoring system. Monitoring professionals can view these files on a map or an image at any time and from anywhere. They can also easily create and share reports from these combined files with help from the software wizard.

“Hexagon Geosystems offers a winning solution by fusing two industry-leading companies, Leica Geosystems and IDS. By adding the radar technology to monitoring solutions, 1D line-of-sight surface data between project prisms is detected and combined with the highly precise 3D data from GeoMoS,” explains Michael Rutschmann, senior product manager at Leica Geosystems, “This results in fast, complete deformation coverage of structures and slopes.”

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