Leica Cyclone MODEL - Most Popular Standalone Software for Analysing & Converting Rich, Laser Scan Data

3D modelling from point cloud data

Unmatched versatility and performance help make Leica Cyclone MODEL the industry’s most popular standalone software for analysing rich, laser scan data and converting the data into deliverables.

Among its advantages, Cyclone MODEL boasts powerful visualisation and point cloud navigation plus the industry’s most complete tool set. These tools cover a wide range of applications in engineering, construction, asset management, heritage, forensics, and other areas.

Cyclone MODEL provides unmatched office productivity, automating many time-consuming tasks and even letting multiple users work on the same data sets simultaneously – thanks to Cyclone’s Object/Database foundation. Finally, Cyclone MODEL reflects the data quality & accuracy-consciousness advantages that users worldwide expect from Leica Geosystems.

Features and Benefits

  • Scripting functionality
  • Direct import of Leica HDS and Leica Pegasus project data, including mobile trajectories and imagery
  • Direct import of DotProduct *.dp files
  • Batch import and auto image-to-scan alignment for iSTAR, Spheron, and Nodal Ninja external camera workflows
  • Advanced image-to-scan texture mapping options with complete HDR Tone Map Editor
  • Multiple, fast, convenient visualisation modes.
  • Fly Mode for smooth, 3D fly-through navigation, including 3D mouse support

Plant & building tools include:

  • Best-fit modelling
  • Standard catalogue model fitting
  • Clash detection
  • Auto Pipe Finder and Pipe Run Finder to automatically find and fit cylinders

Civil & related tools include:

  • Breakline generation from feature coded templates
  • SmartPicks and Points on Grid tools
  • Virtual Surveyor data collector emulation
  • Extract contours, cross-sections, profiles
  • TIN/Mesh creation, including grid option
  • Calculate volumes, areas, and clearances


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