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Creating a 3D map of the world’s largest volcanic cave to aid future space missions

Deploying 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Mobile Mapping solutions, resulting in the first ever 3D replica of the largest lava tube on Earth.

Tworzenie interaktywnego modelu 3D jaskini w znanym na całym świecie lodowcu

Technologia skanowania laserowego wspomaga tworzenie interaktywnego modelu 3D jaskini wewnątrz znanego na całym świecie lodowca Perito Moreno w Argentynie.

Preserving a Roman ‘Billionaire’s Villa’ with 3D laser scanning

Digitally documenting an important archaeological site and one of the largest ancient mosaics in the world with laser scanning technology.

Mapowanie jaskiń 3D za pomocą ręcznego i naziemnego skanowania laserowego

Agencja geograficzna Vigea, wykorzystała technologię skanowania laserowego Leica Geosystems do zeskanowania jaskini "Tana della Mussina".

Using 3D laser scanning to detect structural changes in salt and ice caves

3D models help researchers to understand geological processes in Chile and Italy.

Rozwiązania do skanowania rzeczywistości odgrywają główną rolę w filmie National Geographic Zaginione Miasta

Specjaliści od mapowania 3D w wysokiej rozdzielczości, firma Visualskies, dostarcza usługę skanowania 3D na potrzeby przełomowego, nowego serialu telewizyjnego produkowanego dla National Geographic.

Protecting the Alpine Rhine Valley from flooding

Experts from ETH Zurich create digital terrain models from hydraulic models using laser scanning technology to optimise river planning and flood prevention in the Alpine Rhine in Switzerland and Austria.

Preserving Romania’s Speleological Heritage with point cloud and GNSS Data

3D laser scanning and GNSS sensors were used to generate data to study and manage a 6,298-metre cave in Romania

Unveiling the mystery - an ancient water clock with laser scanning

Using laser scanning technology to digitally reconstruct a medieval water clock in Morocco

Unveiling the tomb of an ancient Egyptian priest

Mexican archaeologists use laser scanning to restore a pharaonic tomb dating back to 1500 B.C. in Egypt

Cyfrowa konserwacja Hukuru Miskiy

Cyfrowa dokumentacja Male Hukuru Miskiy i jego wyjątkowych rzeźb z kamienia koralowego na Malediwach

Capturing Egypt’s Sistine Chapel with the BLK360

3D laser scanning of Nefertari´s tomb to safeguard cultural heritage in Egypt

Measuring aerosols caused by biomass burning

Using Micro Pulse LiDAR, researchers at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement on the remote island of Ascension collected data to understand how biomass burning airborne particles impact the climate

Transforming ruins to 3D models

Transforming the ancient Bacchus Temple in Lebanon into a 3D digital model

Searching for hidden chambers adjacent to Tutankhamun’s tomb

In the quest for finding hidden chambers in Tutankhamun’s tombs with Ground Penetrating Radar in Egypt

Mapping Mediterranean origins in 3D

Merging traditional archaeological tools and methods with the use of geospatial technologies to unveil the secrects of Motya island in Italy

Finding ancient petroglyphs in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Geosystems’ innovative GNSS technology transforms archaeology in Kyrgyzstan

leica pangea

Wnętrze Ziemi w 3D

Wykonanie największego skanu 3D rury lawowej na hiszpańskiej wyspie Lanzarote.

Towers heritage

On the road to smart archaeology

Creating a 3D model of ancient stone towers and its surrounding area in Russia.

Stonehenge Leica Geosystems

A complete new view of Stonehenge’s landscape

Creating a new digital map of Britain’s most important archaeological monuments using a high-tech approach.

IDS Georadar in the Alps

Anticipating the ice avalanche with radar data

Interferometric radar for safety in critical ice avalanche monitoring in Switzerland

Reference Station user strategies in a tectonic environment

New Zealand's most extensive GNSS reference station network with more than 70 stations nationwide.

The chronicle of an adventure

ECO40 boat trip research to providing ocean scientific information

Understanding the snowmelt

Hydrologic research using Leica Geosystems GNSS solutions to measure the impacts of a changing climate in the Canadian Arctic

Mountain Calls

Góra wzywa

Wykorzystanie UAV do pomiaru głębokości jeziora w Szwajcarii

Preserving Mankind's Past

Preserving mankind's past from mother nature's quakes

Laser scanning for historical documentation in Uzbekistan

Going Below to Protect Above

Going below to protect the above

Underground survey for archaeological artefacts using Ground Penetrating Radar in the United Kingdom

Pulling Artifacts from the Jungle using Full Waveform LiDAR

Pulling artifacts from the jungle using Full Waveform LiDAR

Lidar technology uncovers Cambodia's ancient cities.

Unveiling the past with Reality Capture

Unveiling the past with reality capture

Revealing the secrets of an archaeological ensemble with laser scanning and the Pegasus:Backpack.

Always comes in 3s

Laser scanning plus tracking for historical documentation in Turkey

Advancing geomatics techniques for heritage restoration

Learning to preserve historical and architectural heritage in India at an International documentation workshop

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