Leica Infinity 4.0: Launching unlimited possibilities with the surveyor’s mission control

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Author: Megan Hansen – June 2022

Applications for geomatics data are widespread and growing, alongside data capture technologies, like laser scanners and UAVs. However, dealing with data from different instruments can create roadblocks in productivity: without a centralised platform to process data and create deliverables, you spend too much time working with multiple software and file formats instead of delivering your data.

Enter Leica Infinity, an all-in-one solution. Aligned with the surveyor’s growing toolbox, the newly released Leica Infinity 4.0 connects the field and office in more ways than ever before. Now processing data directly from Leica 3D laser scanners and connected to a range of services and CAD workflows, this powerful survey software provides you with a seamless experience.

To learn more about the latest release, Kevin Hanson, Senior Product Manager for Infinity, discusses the vision and development of 4.0 and describes the possibilities for enhanced field to office workflows.

The mission control for surveying

From the beginning, we focused on making Infinity the mission control for surveying operations. It is an intuitive platform that connects data across Leica Geosystems field instruments with one software, in one environment.

Our software has united the surveyor’s toolbox with the ability to directly process data from UAV images, digital levels, GNSS sensors and total stations. Now compatible with the Leica RTC360 and the Leica BLK360 laser scanners, Infinity 4.0 processes more data in one synchronised experience. There are fewer steps and less software for you to learn. Add powerful processing capabilities and this translates into significant time and resource savings. Providing you with these benefits is important to our ongoing vision.

“From the beginning, we focused on making Infinity the mission control for surveying operations.”

Infinitely connected, infinite possibilities

We describe Infinity as, “infinitely connected,” enabling “infinite possibilities.” This is far more than a core message to us. It reflects our belief in the potential of what you can accomplish with Infinity as your mission control.

Infinity connects to Leica Geosystems services, like HxGN SmartNet GNSS correction services that speed up post-processing and Leica Exchange for data communication from the office to the field. Additionally, you can connect to 3rd party services, like Esri ArcGIS Online for asset mapping, Bricsys 24/7, Bentley ProjectWise and Autodesk BIM 360 for large project collaboration and many more.

Processing capabilities are also a large part of the infinite possibilities, including measuring from images, point cloud registration of laser scans, surface analysis and volume calculations, to name a few. On the deliverable side, 3D data and multi-perspective visuals enable rapid overviews and easy, comprehensive reporting. Even the scalability of Infinity delivers possibilities, allowing you to configure the software with modules that fit your work and can be adjusted as your business or use cases grow.

While you can find the full list of specs in our Infinity 4.0 Data Sheet, the key takeaway is Infinity connects you with the digital tools you need to collect, collaborate and create with your measurement data.

3D laser scanning: grow your toolbox with confidence

For those who have been hesitant to add laser scanning to their toolbox, Infinity now enables you to leverage scan data to fill in missing information and offer 3D deliverables.

4.0 supports the Leica RTC360 and the Leica BLK360 laser scanners, both of which are highly portable and allow you to capture and document environments in 3D with centimetre-level accuracy. The generated point clouds provide another layer of data to support survey workflows and even enable expanded services.

When processing data from laser scanners, you can enhance productivity across the workflow by capturing large areas of points. This is useful when discrete point measurements are missed with other instruments because you can measure from scans in the office, reducing trips back to the site.

“Not only will adding laser scanning help you in the work you are already doing but can potentially connect you with new customer segments.”

For downstream project work, Infinity's CAD workflows enable you to quickly combine and visualise field data that is ready to share. Additionally, with project templates supporting different stakeholders, you can provide data with correct details, layers and blocks that allow your services to easily integrate in any project.

Not only will adding laser scanning help you in the work you are already doing but can potentially connect you with new customer segments. Not everyone who can benefit from spatial data needs accuracy at the millimetre-level, and many are discovering new ways to utilise information collected from laser scanners. This is where you can expand your offerings by providing access to a wide range of spatial data deliverables.

Incorporating aerial imagery into your survey workflow

Infinity enables surveying service providers to deliver a wider variety of deliverables to customers while saving time and opening resources to further invest in developing their business.

Let’s take UAV integration as an example. Aerial imagery offers an efficient method for planning and viewing construction work progress, from the initial site survey to as-built checks. With Infinity, which registers point clouds from UAV images, you can easily incorporate this technology into your survey services.

Combining data from all instruments, you can derive reliable data and use it to measure stockpiles, generate 3D surface models and create reports, all with one software. Importantly, Infinity provides transparent quality control, allowing service providers to confidently add new technology to their workflows, like UAV surveys.

This is just one example among many. When you have the power to process and work with data from Leica Geosystems’ measurement instruments in one easy-to-use platform, the possibilities are immense. In fact, we are excited to learn about the ways you will put the data to use on projects beyond what we currently foresee or imagine.

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Kevin Hanson - Senior Product Manager Leica Infinity

Kevin Hanson
Senior Product Manager for Infinity