Providing mobile access to GIS utility plan

The Electricity Plant of the Canton of Zurich (EKZ), one of the largest Swiss energy supply companies, developed an innovative app that simplifies measurements and allows each field technician to visualise the collected information on the tablet directly on site.

An easy-to-use solution to prevent utility accidents

Learn how Waskita Karya saves time, costs and prevent utility accidents by introducing detection technology in their latest road construction project in Indonesia.

Subterra Road work Zug

Digitalising the future of utility detection

Utility detection experts know that capturing the data is just one step in the process. Processing, managing, and delivering the data are part of the workflow. Utility detection can be time-consuming, but the work can be completed efficiently with the right tools.

Ground Penetrating Radar for everyone - portlet 3 image 800x428

What lurks below

New Dodge Report Spotlights the Maturing of Utility Detection in Heavy Construction. One of the biggest threats facing construction projects today is an invisible one that lurks just below the surface.

Navigating sites with GNSS paperless plans

From paper to digital blueprints to navigate construction sites supported by Leica GG04 plus and SitePlan

Where is the line? Augmented perception of utilities with AR and GNSS

Using Augmented Reality and GNSS to visualise and position utilities with survey-grade accuracy to maintain an electricity and natural gas network in Austria

Like Superman - Seeing through walls and concrete structures

Detecting and analysing the upper apron of the Barthe dam in Brommat, France

Leica Zeno GIS for the capture and management of Jordans electrical assets

Accurate and efficient asset collection and documentation.

Lana shines with efficiency

Accurate electric asset collection and management with Zeno.

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