Leica Geosystems sponsors Cranfield University’s Crime Scene House facility

Leica Geosystems sponsors Crime Scene House of the Cranfield University in the UK

(Milton Keynes, UK, July 2023) Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, today announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with the Cranfield Forensic Institute (CFI), part of Cranfield University, that will fund a specialist Crime Scene House on the University campus. The Crime Scene House is designed to replicate crime scenes and will serve as a controlled setting for practising and enhancing investigation, evidence collection, and forensic analysis skills.

Leica Geosystems has a long history of providing leading solutions for the public safety and forensics segment. “We see the forensics community not just as customers but as a dedicated expert group working to the highest standards in the most challenging circumstances. Our customers seek the minutia of evidential facts that will tell the truth, support the actual course of justice within our Criminal Justice System and Courts, and bring some form of understanding and closure to victims and their families,“ says Marcus Rowe, Business Director Public Safety & Forensics, Leica Geosystems UK and Benelux.

Cranfield University has a strong heritage in postgraduate education, industry collaboration and research in forensics. In 2021 the University opened a £7.2 million centre of excellence with the latest forensic equipment, a mortuary, expert academic staff and innovative courses in the fields of crime scene investigation, digital forensics investigation and forensic materials analysis. The new Crime Scene House - opening in Autumn 2023 on the Cranfield campus in Bedfordshire (UK) - adds to CFI’s suite of world-class resources and expertise for its students and research staff in a range of specialities.

Dr Hannah Moore, Director of the MSc Forensic Programme at Cranfield University, welcomed the new development: “As a University, we are advancing the field of forensics and developing the next generations of forensic scientists. Leica’s generous sponsorship of the Crime Scene House brings a fantastic new facility for our students, research staff and partners. Providing realistic scenario-based training is vital for those who aspire to advance their careers in CSI and forensic fields – and this new facility complements our suite of world-class teaching resources - giving students a superb grounding in many aspects of this field.”

“We are proud and honoured to be part of this significant moment in the field of forensic academia and are committed to fostering a strong partnership with Cranfield Forensic Institute and the extended community, providing extensive domain expertise and time along with financial support to enhance this transformative learning experience further,” says John Fraser, Leica Geosystems (part of Hexagon) President UK, Ireland, and Benelux.

Leica Geosystems supports the forensics community through various initiatives, including a free, multiday brand-agnostic UK/Benelux Annual Forensic Conference with global guest speakers, the long-standing primary sponsorship of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators and their successful and influential annual ITAI Crash and Research Day.

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About Cranfield University

Cranfield is a specialist postgraduate university that is a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management. The most recent Research Excellence Framework results demonstrate Cranfield University’s excellence, with 88% of research rated as world-leading or internationally excellent.

Cranfield Forensic Institute

Cranfield Forensic Institute (CFI) has a long history as a centre for innovation, expertise and strong student community.

CFI includes the specialist areas of ballistics, explosives, materials science, engineering failures and forensic computing. In addition, CFI also conducts research and teaching in forensic archaeology and anthropology, making Cranfield the only university in the world to accommodate these disciplines within a science and technology faculty.

Investment of over £7 million into the latest forensic equipment, teaching spaces and experienced and industry-relevant academic staff – targeted in the fields of crime scene investigation, digital forensic investigation and forensic materials analysis – has created a UK centre of excellence with facilities among some of the very best in the world.

Hexagon Geosystems
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Director Marketing Communications – Global Public Safety & Forensics

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Peer-to-peer-rådgivning från erfarna experter på allmän säkerhet


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Registrera och visa brottsplatser i 2D eller 3D. Inomhus och utomhus. Missa aldrig bevis.

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