Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE – Your Central Source of Truth

Enterprise-level management and collaboration

Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE is a new, user managed, reality capture software solution which delivers a simplified enterprise-level management and collaboration platform, powered by Leica Geosystems’ JetStream technology. Addressing the needs of reality capture professionals across a variety of industries, Cyclone ENTERPRISE is a central tool for managing, collaborating and accessing reality capture projects to view, share and analyse rich data via Leica TruView LIVE - a new free web-browser based viewer. Cyclone ENTERPRISE offers seamless digital interoperability with all major CAD platforms through Leica CloudWorx connectivity and the family of products powered by JetStream technology.

Cyclone ENTERPRISE is a unique software product that provides a centralised project and user management toolset, browser and desktop collaboration engine, and connectivity to all the most popular CAD applications. It is the only solution on the market that can seamlessly stream reality capture data and provide the option to connect to the local, central or cloud-hosted server and stream the same data into a browser or into all major CAD applications such as:

  • CloudWorx for Autodesk products
  • CloudWorx for Bentley
  • CloudWorx for BricsCAD
  • CloudWorx for SOLIDWORKS
  • Rithm powered by JetStream
  • Verity powered by JetStream and many more!

It facilitates reality capture project management; provides access to rich, reality capture data and ensures secure, flexible, self-managed deployment on-premise or in the cloud.

Whether users are analysing reality capture data to produce deliverables in a CAD package through Leica CloudWorx, or communicating work orders and project deliverables through 3D data in the integrated TruView viewers, Cyclone ENTERPRISE empowers users to make the most of Leica Geosystems’ connected reality capture ecosystem by serving as a central source of data for all products. Cyclone ENTERPRISE allows users to access all project data whether that be GeoTags created in Cyclone FIELD 360, BLK3D imagery, GeoTags and Assets from the Cyclone family of products or Snapshots, Markups and Models being added from downstream sources like CloudWorx and TruView. This next-generation project management hub features robust user and project controls and complete deployment flexibility to ensure data is secure yet easily accessible.

Cyclone ENTERPRISE provides and delivers:

  • A single source of truth for users across the project lifecycle
  • Secure access to projects by internal or external users, with managed permissions
  • A flexible deployment model compatible with both on-site and cloud-based systems to accommodate unique security requirements
  • Seamless digital interoperability with all major CAD platforms through Leica CloudWorx connectivity and the Leica Geosystems powered by JetStream product family
  • Access to full reality capture projects through a free desktop and web-based viewer

Improving efficiency and productivity

Cyclone ENTERPRISE improves user efficiency and productivity by eliminating confusion and questions about data integrity. It streamlines data management to eliminate the creation and duplication of redundant copies of large projects which can cause mistakes and waste time. By working from a central data store, users gain confidence that the data they are viewing or creating deliverables from is the correct and approved version and that their changes are being synced back to the project so other users can access the latest version. Improved data security allows project managers to efficiently control access without sending files to different users which can take on a life of their own. Thanks to Cyclone ENTERPRISE, users can share projects and changes across dozens of programmes without creating different or duplicate files. Cyclone ENTERPRISE will connect to over 20 powered by JetStream products from Leica Geosystems and partners including AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, OpenBuildings Designer, SOLIWORKS, PDMS, BricsCAD, Cyclone 3DR, Map360, Verity and more.

Why should I invest?

Unlike other SaaS-only-based offerings in the market, which limit the customer’s control over their security and performance, Cyclone ENTERPRISE is customer deployed, empowering customers to accommodate unique security and performance requirements in both on-premise and cloud-based deployment scenarios.

Cyclone ENTERPRISE can be used by any organisation that wants to take control of their reality capture data for collaboration and deliverable creation. It is suitable for engineering consultants, facility owner/operators and surveying and reality capture service providers.

Engineering firms coordinate the work of dozens of sub-contractors and need a solution that centralises the work of their teams to facilitate communication, and 2D and 3D deliverable creation. Cyclone ENTERPRISE provides a central source of truth so all trades have confidence in the accuracy of their deliverables.

Facility owner/operators value security above all. Cyclone ENTERPRISE offers a self-deployed solution compatible with both on-premise and cloud-based usage for flexibility that meets their unique security needs, plus a range of user and project permission tools to instantly provide or revoke access as needed.

Surveying and reality capture service providers have dozens of projects with many different clients which need to remain secure and confidential. Cyclone ENTERPRISE allows them to silo data for different clients within Groups and provide granular access at the Group, Sub-Group or project level so their clients can access it securely.

What’s next?

Cyclone ENTERPRISE was developed to take a leap forward in the simplicity of our software solution offering and user experience, creating a single source of truth for deliverable creation and collaboration. It is a powerful solution for anyone working with large reality capture projects, providing security, accessibility and flexibility in data delivery.

The future of Cyclone ENTERPRISE is full of major new capabilities that will empower entire new workflows, especially for off-line and long-term project management and synchronicity. We will continue to improve enterprise-level needs, with connectivity to domain directories and more - further fortifying the user management and data security offering.

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Justin Barton

Senior Product Manager
Reality Capture Division

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