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When we understand the big picture, when we can see all the elements that contribute to the entirety of a situation, then we can make the best-informed decisions. When the potential of data is fully harnessed, we can extract the most opportunities. This happens when we converge the physical with the digital, creating smart digital realities and going even beyond reality to the next platform of machine-readable algorithms.  

How do we get to this advanced state, though? Through data acquisition and visualisation, by bringing reality capture into entire business ecosystems to increase connectivity and autonomy among operations. In this edition of Reporter, we discover the infinite possibilities of how projects can be made more efficient and productive when visualised data is used to create plans, track progress and evaluate outcomes. Unleashing the potential of fully-developed ecosystems, news ideas that were unimaginable before become mainstream.   

Major demolition and construction projects consist of many players. Understanding the contributions of each is vital to a successful outcome. When the project management firm Darden & Company was contracted to oversee the implosion of the Georgia Dome and the development of The Home Depot Backyard in Atlanta, USA, it turned to Multivista to provide visuals and video of the more than 44,000-squaremetre site and surrounding structures. Bringing together five partner firms, the project was managed and shared with multiple stakeholders for timely progress updates and cost-efficient deliverables.

When constructing the second largest tower in London, UK, having constant visualisation of reference points is critical for safe monitoring of the structure. Using the innovative jump form system, combining GNSS solutions and monitoring software with HxGN SmartNet, the world’s largest reference station network, Careys Civil Engineering firm was able to efficiently and safely build the 62 storeys of 22 Bishopsgate in the heart of the city’s financial district. Delivering the most accurate coordinates, the team was able to pour 58,000 cubic metres of concrete and place 7,500 tonnes of reinforcement with clear guidance and trusted precision.

In utility detection, visualisation is key in protecting assets. Seeing what is underground not only increases safety but it can prevent costly utility strikes that can range anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 Euros. We’re introducing our latest ground penetrating radar innovation, the Leica DS1000, democratising this technology for all to use. No longer do users have to interpret complex raw data but digital utility maps are post-processed within minutes directly in the field.  
Data visualisation and algorithms powered by reality capture are the stepping stones to working in extended reality – the sum of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Working together in one unique, combined way for the most benefit, Geosystems is researching, creating and delivering solutions every day to help businesses and industries discover their utmost potential to go beyond reality.

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Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems

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Providing complete imagery coverage at 30-centimetre resolution and 4-band of Pitkin County in the United States
Providing complete imagery coverage at 30-centimetre resolution and 4-band of Pitkin County in the United States

Tyczenie złożonych kształtów

Łatwiejsza praca ze złożonymi projektami architektonicznymi w Australii dzięki cyfrowemu zrobotyzowanemu tachimetrowi

Projektowanie z użyciem dokładnych pomiarów

Wizualizacja danych w łatwiejszy sposób dzięki pomiarom 3D z użyciem DISTO™ S910 w Austrii

Visualising the destruction, creation of an Atlanta landmark

How Multivista helped transform the Georgia Dome into The Home Depot Backyard in the United States

Budowa dróg w Belgii z użyciem bezlinkowego rozściełania materiału w 3D

Bezlinkowe rozściełanie materiału w 3D podczas budowy rampy do mostu w Belgii

Georadar dla każdego - Leica DSX

Nowo zapowiadane rozwiązanie Leica DSX do wykrywania instalacji podziemnych ma na celu demokratyzację technologii GPR, dzięki czemu stanie się dostępne dla mniej doświadczonych użytkowników.

Snow grooming for world cups

Creating the piste for the World Cup in ski cross and speed skiing in Idre Fjäll, Sweden using Leica iCON alpine snow management solution

Building a fast track between Germany and Denmark

Preparing the way for one of the world’s largest tunnels with machine control solutions

The future of mining – end-to-end integration

Rob Daw discusses Hexagon’s Mining division’s portfolio and current and future state of the mining industry

Niezbyt zaskakujący sekret sprawnego prowadzenia firmy geodezyjnej

Po blisko 50 latach działalności firma Titcomb Associates nadal podnosi poprzeczkę w zakresie świadczenia wysokiej jakości usług pomiarowych w Stanach Zjednoczonych.

The secret behind AutoHeight

The world’s first function to measure total station’s instrument height with a simple button press

Precise positioning in London’s sky

Obtaining precise and reliable coordinates during the construction process of London’s second tallest skyscraper with a tailor-made GNSS solution

Kompletny projekt budowlany - 113 km map drogowych w 99 dni

Ukończenie wymagającego projektu mapowania autostrad o długości 113 km w zaledwie 99 dni w Stanach Zjednoczonych

How Element6 delivers the future of plant engineering with laser scanning

Using laser scanning with a digital Virtual Plant Design approach to create an innovative business model in the United States

Laser scanning from heights

Laser scanning at a 6-metre height and 20 kilometres per hour with the RTC360 mounted on a vehicle tripod in Italy

Tworzenie nowych rozwiązań i usług 3D dla rynku nieruchomości

Zdefiniowanie na nowo szybkości i jakości w celu stworzenia szerokiej gamy produktów dla branży nieruchomości z wykorzystaniem Leica BLK360

Luxury yachts transformed with help of BLK360

The Newport Yacht Collaborative uses laser scan’s data for improved interior fittings in the United States
The Newport Yacht Collaborative uses laser scan’s data for improved interior fittings in the United States

Digitalising from planning to execution

Brandsma Digitaal Meten provides smart solutions covering the full life cycle of projects in the Netherlands

Transforming ruins to 3D models

Transforming the ancient Bacchus Temple in Lebanon into a 3D digital model

Digitising the construction site from the air

Leica Geosystems UAV technology brings the construction site into the digital age and turns data into intelligent information to improve decisionmaking processes

Zdjęcia klientów z całego świata

Dookoła świata. Każdego dnia. Każdego dnia.

Leica BLK3D


Leica BLK3D Recognised by Prestigious Global Awards for Innovation, Engineering, Design




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Reporter 86

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Zdjęcia klientów z całego świata

Dookoła świata. Każdego dnia. Każdego dnia.
Dookoła świata. Każdego dnia. Każdego dnia.