Leica CloudWorx for 3DReshaper

Point cloud plug-in for 3DReshaper


Leica CloudWorx for 3DReshaper brings a new level of productivity to the best-in-class meshing solution from Hexagon. Go from processed point cloud to a refined mesh with just a few clicks. Leica JetStream users gain the added benefit of seamless data transfer, unparalleled point cloud productivity and streamlined collaboration within 3DReshaper with no import/export delays.

The simple CloudWorx plugin for 3DReshaper lets users take advantage of the familiar 3DReshaper interface and tool kit for meshing and modeling as well as access to Leica Geosystems’ superior point cloud capabilities to shorten the learning curve for meshing laser scan data.

3DReshaper’s two-step modelling approach allows users to refine meshes with a variety of tools for smoothing, hole filling, extrusion and more. Users seeking a modelling solution for tank analysis, BIM, digital terrain modelling, inspection and comparison or stockpile and fill volumes will appreciate all that 3DReshaper has to offer.

Efficient collaboration

CloudWorx for 3DReshaper pairs perfectly with the Leica JetStream suite to allow users to work collaboratively with massive datasets. Thanks to JetStream, multiple users can simultaneously connect to a project and access its valuable saved clips, cut planes, limit boxes and more. Simply connect to a JetStream Enterprise server and work on any published point cloud project.

Unparalleled point cloud speed

With Leica JetStream, users can load massive datasets simply, quickly and with no loss of resolution or speed. Stream all the points, all the time without frustrating lag times or tedious import/export.

JetStream provides unmatched productivity gains with higher fidelity in final deliverables when working with point clouds in a CAD or meshing environment. To experience the power of JetStream for yourself, click the JetStream Experience button in the CloudWorx menu ribbon.

Simplicity from point cloud to deliverable

With CloudWorx for 3DReshaper, users can mesh point clouds, create sections, compute complete inspections, and export their results into customisable reports.

reconstructions, realistic renderings and reverse engineering analyses for various applications: architecture, cultural heritage, geology, mining/quarry, land surveying, tunnelling, civil engineering and more.

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Inter-CAD workflows made easy

With CloudWorx for 3DReshaper, import point clouds regardless of their origin and size. 3DReshaper can be easily integrated into any workflow as it can handle many types of files as well as work with CloudWorx project files saved from other supported CAD systems. Process point clouds of several billion points and skip the import/export phase by connecting to Cyclone and JetStream databases. 3DReshaper also includes a free plug-in for AutoCAD to send and receive data in one click to save time by avoiding importing and exporting.

CloudWorx for 3DReshaper has been localised into the following languages for easy global adoption: English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese and more.

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