Käppeli Digital and Monitoring in Heavy Construction - Thumbnail

Monitoring & the future of heavy construction

Käppeli Digital from Sargans has expanded its service offering. By adding monitoring, they can undertake monitoring projects internally. Learn all about how they map, plan and complete processes and tasks.

Monitoring a landslide in Zaldibar Spain

Monitoring a landslide recovery operation

Emergency services needed to quickly control the stability of the slopes in order to begin rescue operations. Working in a precarious and unstable situation, they needed an alert system to warn them should the waste material move again.

man performing monitoring measurements with Leica Geosystems total station

Campaign monitoring in heavy construction

The importance of monitoring is growing in heavy construction as the rapid execution of projects requires enhanced focus on worker safety and structural health.

Monitoring the historic Dom Carre Hotel  during renovation

Monitoring a heritage hotel in the historic centre of Cologne

Preserved as a historic building, the original façade and staircase of the Dom Hotel had to be preserved while partial demolition of its internal structure was carried out.

Winning total construction services supported by surveying

How Leica Geosystems instruments provided cost-saving benefits for monitoring and construction applications.

View of Train at Sydney's Central Station being monitored by a Leica TM50 Total Station

Monitoring Australia's Biggest Transport Project

As excavation and construction barrel ahead on the Sydney Metro, a small and vital team of engineers have been quietly navigating the crowds and rumbling trains that define Sydney’s Central Station.

Hinkley Point C Case Study - Monitoring Solutions

Slope movement monitoring at Hinkley Point C

Under construction in Somerset, England, the new Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear power station will produce 3.2 GWe of reliable low carbon electricity – enough to power 6 million UK homes.

Monitoring Kristianstad’s central sewage treatment plant with Eva Nilsson of Matrix AB

Monitoring Kristianstad’s central sewage treatment plant

Automated monitoring ensures full control of sensitive ground when Kristianstad’s central sewage treatment plant undergoes expansion.

Harvard Stadium Monitoring Case Study Visual

Monitoring historic Harvard Stadium

Find out how monitoring helps guide Harvard to make appropriate decisions on the life-safety of the famous Harvard stadium.

Studium przypadku Teradata i Leica Geosystems - Głębsze wykopy z użyciem monitoringu - Miniatura

Głębsze wykopy z użyciem monitoringu

Poznaj szczegóły i wymagania dobrze zaplanowanego monitoringu opracowanego w celu wsparcia projektu rozbudowy stacji kolejowej w Winterthur w Szwajcarii.

Studium przypadku - monitoring  odbudowy mostu Edgara Cardoso. Miniatura

Odbudowa mostu

Dowiedz się wszystkiego o połączeniu pakietu do monitoringu Leica Geosystems z renowacją mostu Edgar Cardoso w Figueira da Foz w Portugalii.

Central Park Tower Monitoring Case Study 1680 x 856px

Lokalizacja pięter najwyższego amerykańskiego budynku mieszkalnego

Wdrożenie rozwiązania GPS w celu określenia położenia pięter wieży Central Park Tower

Royal Canadian Hangars Monitoring 1680 x 856 px

Monitorowanie stanu konstrukcji hangarów

Monitoring konstrukcji drewnianej hangarów Królewskich Kanadyjskich Sił Powietrznych

Canakkale Bridge Monitoring Turkey Thumbnail 1680x856px

Łączenie kontynentów

Dowiedz się jak rozwiązanie do monitoringu firmy Leica Geosystems zostało wykorzystane do monitorowania mostu 1915Çanakkale, łączącego Turcję z resztą kontynentu europejskiego.

Berny Monitoring Case Study Small Image

Railway and platform monitoring during construction

Leica Geosystems technology puts itself at the service of rail

Kings Cross prism and tilt

Underneath King’s Cross redevelopment

Ensuring safety in London’s underground with a tailored monitoring solution

Real-time monitoring advances landslide risk management

On September 30, 2018, the 200 or so residents of British Columbia’s Old Fort (not far from Fort St. John) were shocked by the roar of a landslide

Monitoring Melbourne’s railways

City infrastructures are not built overnight. In between planning, design and construction, there are other crucial activities – just like monitoring happening at the same time.

Searching for hidden chambers adjacent to Tutankhamun’s tomb

In the quest for finding hidden chambers in Tutankhamun’s tombs with Ground Penetrating Radar in Egypt

Moving a camel through the eye of a needle with GNSS

Undocking cruise ships’ power stations with the help of GNSS in Germany

Monitoring Dublin commuters’ safety

Keeping light railway travellers safe with a monitoring system in Dublin, Ireland

Precise positioning in London’s sky - A Leica Geosystems Monitoring Case study 1680 x 856px

Precise positioning in London’s sky

Obtaining precise and reliable coordinates during the construction process of London’s second tallest skyscraper with a tailor-made GNSS solution

Zapewnienie drożności kanału

Monitoring poziomu wód w Niemczech z wykorzystaniem Leica GeoMoS.


Odbiorniki GNSS wspomagają przygodę dookoła świata

Łagodzenie niszczącego upływu czasu

Zachowanie artefaktów kultury z wykorzystaniem tachimetrów w Szwecji.

Combining geotechnical and geodetic data for monitoring 1680x856px

Combining geotechnical and geodetic data for monitoring

Cities are evolving entities that need to adapt to accommodate the needs of the people, sustain economic functions and provide well-being and life quality.

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